The Twisting Of Love Poem by Laquory Jones

The Twisting Of Love

Lately it just feels like we're twisting love just to survive
But I know deep down inside I haven't ever felt so alive
Tell me do you love me and you better not lie
I can feel our blunt forces as we collide emotions glides
At first I couldn't understand why must be our Ecstasy
Boiling on high within the heavens we're destined to fly
Some could say it happened overnight but it doesn't
Matter right as I see two hearts taking flight
Twisting our love just right it happens every time

When twisting love forces collides and suddenly
Explodes it hits us at our core another blow hitting
Us worse than before but we have what it takes
To stay afloat The screams becoming louder
As I wrap you around the ropes hands aimed at
Each other's throats I suffocate you suffocate we
Reciprocate just to see how much each of us can
Truly take your mind is twisted my heart is livid
With all the pain you give it you're my acid I'm
Your havoc as we're both going at it we are
Everything we once regretted but yet you're
The only one for me I'm the only one for you

The saying holds true when opposites attract
They're bound to attack but nothing stops us
From bouncing back because that's just how
We're programmed to react so don't beat up
The messenger I'm just stating that when
Problems becomes problematic you become
My drug I your addict that just means our love's
Working the way that it's suppose to so don't
Worry your little head no one can hold a
Candlelight to you you're the wick and whim
The dynamic stick that I hold in hands
You're my fire and the flame the combustion
Of my engine nothing short of adrenaline
The person whom I can't get enough of and
The person that became my everything and more


Saturday, June 24, 2017
Topic(s) of this poem: emotions,honesty,life,love,pain
Kumarmani Mahakul 24 June 2017

It is a beautiful blues poem on love and emotions with thrilling expression. Nice collocation. Many thanks dear Laquory, keep the ball rolling...10

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Edward Kofi Louis 24 June 2017

The only one! ! Thanks for sharing.

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