Kim Barney

I was born in a bank - - my mother went there and made a deposit
Kim Barney
I was born in a bank - - my mother went there and made a deposit
Thursday, December 25, 2014

The Ugly Brother

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When I see my brother
we like to call each other
ugly just for fun.Of course,
he's very handsome.
I'm the ugly one.

He sez, you bin taken them ugly pills again
and I say well, I only took two but you musta taken ten!
Then I say you look like you bin whupped wit a ugly stick
and he sez I wuz but it din't take, but wit you it did the trick!
Then he sez when you wuz bein' born they thot you wuz breech,
and well, after you come out they still couldn't tell!
Then I say when you wuz born you wuz so ugly
the doctor done slapped our mama!
Then he sez is that your face
or a map of Yokohama?

Then we both laugh and hug each other
because I really love my brother.
Kim Barney
Topic(s) of this poem: brother,family,humor
written 01 October 2014
Recife, Pernambuco, Brasil

deleted 25 December 2014 and resubmitted with new title in order to get rid of that obnoxious soundtrack added by PH

28 December 2014 title changed back to original
Grace Diane Jessen 28 September 2019
Very, very funny! Good one!
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Kim Barney 01 October 2019
Thank you. This is one of my oldest poems.
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Kim Barney 15 August 2019
Thanks to all who have commented. Sorry I can't reply to each one. My time is limited now and i seldom even log in anymore.
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Rose Marie Juan-austin 15 August 2019
Amazingly humorous write. Only a few minds can create and construct such a unique and witty poem. The bond between brothers is just wonderfully portrayed. The photo that goes with this poem enhances the fun that this write brings.
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Kim Barney 15 August 2019
Rose Marie, thank you so much. Your comment is very generous.
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Annette Aitken 09 August 2016
Ha ha ha its great to have that rapore within the family, I'm the youngest of 7 so I know what you mean ha ha...loving the photo Annette
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A creative composition filled with sibling fun!
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Abdulrazak Aralimatti 02 January 2016
Verily, a fine narration of the dialogue and a fine expression of brothers' childhood that makes us to recall our childhood.
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Marilyn Lott 11 December 2015
I remember me and my older brother giving each other a bad time too. And fighting when we played games was part of the game. Unfortunately my mother didn't enjoy it like we did. Awwww, those memories, huh? Great, Kim, really fun reading!
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Wes Vogler 11 November 2015
I envy you the free-going conversation with your brother. My brothers were spaced at six year intervals and the communication just wasn't there. The exception was my older brother who had the communication skills of a goat. The exception being only a two year difference. He failed at school and we wound up in the same class. is ego was satisfied with beatings. I did learn to be fleet of foot. Thank you, as they say, for sharing. 10 lus in warmth alone.
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Pamela Sinicrope 22 October 2015
Hilarious! ! ! I have three sons and I could imagine that kind of banter in the future... And you still like each other... So that's great! ! !
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Bri Edwards 15 September 2015
now this shall be # 21 in my/our list of PH poems in my/our September 'showcase for PH poets' on my PH site. thanks. i don't remember this photo; did you change the photo as well as the title? bri :) more info: breech birth noun noun: breech birth; plural noun: breech births; noun: breech delivery; plural noun: breech deliveries a delivery of a baby so positioned in the uterus that the buttocks or feet are delivered first. :)
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Kim Barney 18 September 2015
I did change the photo, but not the title. I asked my siblings if I should change it back to the original photo. Only one of them replied. She said she liked this one better, so I left it.
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Kim Barney 18 September 2015
Actually, Bri, I just read my poet's notes and it seems that I DID change the title for three days back in December, then changed it back. I don't even remember what I changed it to for those three days!
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