The Wino In The Park

I'd seen him on many occasions
throughout the seasons, sitting on
a park bench, sipping wine from a
brown-paper wrapped bottle.

To me it seemed the same bottle,
unchanged in time and space.
Occasionally one would hear a snide
remark, 'Isn't he a damned disgrace?

Apparently he didn't care what was said.
He'd courteously nod his head
and smile as if to say. 'I hope you have
a better day than mine.'

One morning he wasn't there, I asked his
park-keeper friend, 'Where's the wino? '
His answer was succinct. 'He's dead.'

'How? ' I asked in genuine surprise.
'How? 'came a staccato reply.
'Of love he sought and didn't find.'

There wasn't anything I could say.
But now whilst walking through the park
I try to find a different way.

(Inspired by Dylan Thomas' poem
'The Hunchback in the Park')


There but for the grace of whatever god.... a provoking, sad, well-written piece J. t x

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Emancipation Planz 22 October 2007

I salute and raise my eye-glass to the both of you! ! One peace at a time, Deana

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Ivan Donn Carswell 10 April 2007

May I say with as few words as possible I like your wino image better? Rgds, Ivan

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Francesca Johnson 08 April 2007

A poem to make one feel humbled. We all know someone like this, or have seen them in parks and city streets. And have we ever really taken the time to listen to their stories? To get to know them? We notice them only when they are no longer there. How sad... You've written this so well, Jerry, and with the sensitivity it deserves. Love, Fran xx

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Alison Cassidy 08 April 2007

The Hunchback in the Park is one of my favourite poems. You have captured the heart of Thomas' poem in this moving tribute. Beautiful. love, Allie xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Duncan Wyllie 08 April 2007

10,10,10,10, the scores are up and the results are conclusive..THIS IS NOTHING SHORT OF BRILLIANT! What a profound and meaningful way to start our Easter All the very best Jerry Love duncan X

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