The Woman I Admire Most Poem by Jeri Martindale

The Woman I Admire Most

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The woman I admire most has blonde hair but it is really brown; she use to let me sit on the back of the chair and fix it when I was a small child.

The woman I admire most, I can picture her smile right now, I wonder if it was the same when she was a child; I bet it made our mother's heart skip a beat as she looked down upon her daughter as tears filled her eyes.

The woman I admire most, she caught me once with her white finger nail polish in Kyle and Jimmy's room, but instead of taking it away, she just smiled and told me that it was okay.

The woman I admire most almost died twice, but both times a beautiful angel sat by her side holding her hand as she gave the power that God had given to her to keep her daughter alive.

The woman I admire most, I think that she yelled at me only twice; once she yelled "Run" because she spotted a bobcat, all I remember is her running, dragging us to safety. The second time was much more serious than that, she raised her voice to yell at me because she didn't want my life to be a rerun of her own life.

The woman I admire most, can bench press a mountain. I actually saw her do it once, she made it look so easy, but many times instead of lifting she had to make the climb, every time she reached the top she looked back and wondered how.

The woman I admire most, bought me a mini lawn chair just like hers so I could soak up the glorious rays of the sun with her; I remember laying there beside her feeling like the most important little girl in the world.

The woman I admire most, taught me how to dance; she learned by watching our Granny who danced every time she got the chance.

The woman I admire most, has never let me down, although many times I thought that she should have just let me fall; but she held on tight never losing her grip. Who made her so strong?

The woman I admire most is a true blonde, but her hair is really brown, but what mesmerizes me the most about her, are the deep brown beautiful eyes she owns, the ones just like our moms that no matter what always seem to shine.

The woman I admire most was born Julie Ann Clawson, but she has grown through the years to become Julie Ann Clawson, Kemp, Moten, Morgan and that is exactly who she is, nothing more, nothing less.

The woman I admire most, I owe her my life; she had me as her own for a little while and somehow managed in that little time to teach me all the lessons I needed throughout life.

The woman I admire most, she is my big sister, but she's my mother too. When mom drifted off to heaven, she left her spirit behind; I can see my mother in her every time I look in her eyes and I am so lucky to have such an extraordinary woman to admire.

I wrote this poem for my sister on 9/12/2009. Our mother died when i was 5 and my sister was 24. My sister has basically been my mother since then. I look up to her more than anyone in my whole life. I want to be like her when I grow up! She is even stronger than I thought since writing this poem, she has made it through one of the toughest obstacles a mother could ever face beside loosing her parents, the death of one of her sons. I love her more than I love myself!
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