This Is My India And I Am Proud Of Her Poem by Chandini Jaswal

This Is My India And I Am Proud Of Her

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From the beautiful mythology,
to the Indian ideology,
This is my India and I am proud of her.

Goddess Parvati had here won her lord,
Mighty king Ashoka had here won the war,
This is my India and I am proud of her.

This is our policy: that while entering the temples, we take off our boots,
This is our policy: that children need to be connected to their roots.
This is my India and I am proud of her

Despite the history,
our country remains secular,
which may seem peculiar;
Because we Indians believe what had happened was a part of our destiny.
We believe, it was written in our fates, that together we will conquer victory.
This is my India and I am proud of her.

It is no where written that a particular gender,
will always surrender.
It is nowhere written in the religious books,
that you'll be favored if you are white or have good looks.
It is actually a myth,
Established by the uneducated filth.

We are respectful and that is why we are quiet,
We realize,
that by staying quiet, we act wise.

The world can comment,
but I assure you, they will lament.
Let's together reach new heights,
Let's together, take India to where it actually stands.

When India can stand with us during good and bad,
then why can't we do the same?

Let's play the brain gain,
rather than brain drain.

Let's together walk towards the bright light,
You may feel it is useless,
but in the end, you'll realise that we were right.

Let's feel proud of being an INDIAN

This Is My India And I Am Proud Of Her
Monday, August 31, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: freedom,patriotism
Chinedu Dike 22 November 2019

An insightful patriotic piece of poetry written with clarity of thought and mind. Thanks for sharing.

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Chandini Jaswal 22 November 2019

Thank you sir for the words of encouragement

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Chandini Jaswal 22 November 2019

Thank you for the kind words sir.

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Michael Walker 11 August 2019

Very sincere patriotism. You obviously love India. 'Despite the history/ our country remains secular'. I had thought that India was a more religious country than most. You have the different religions of Hinduism, Buddhism, and Christianity. Gautama Buddha was from India. However, you know your own country better than me.

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Michael Walker 13 August 2019

Fair enough. It is unjust for a government to promote one religion at the expense of the others. Church and State are separated, as in the US.

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Chandini Jaswal 11 August 2019

This is the beauty of India sir, we are religiously, traditionally, culturally, very diverse. Though India may seem one religion centric, but the government is prohibited by law from propagating any religion.

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Rajnish Manga 03 July 2019

There is no logical or rational basis for discrimination among men and women. What used to be an exclusive domain of males a couple of decades ago, has been taken over or at least partaken by women now. We wish India moves ahead as a progressive and liberal society free from the reactionary yoke of the past. Thanks.

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Chandini Jaswal 03 July 2019

Couldn't have said it better. Thank you so much sir!

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Dr Dillip K Swain 11 July 2018

I salute your Ink! When I come across with any poem that sings the song of my nation, I get delighted! Deep patriotic spirit is found only in humble people! I can't express the joy I get reading this poem! I was dumbfounded with the first stanza! A brilliant piece of work! Top marks!

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Chandini Jaswal 13 July 2018

Thank you so much Sir! Your thoughtful words have motivated me to write even more!

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