Chandini Jaswal Poems

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What Is Wrong With Today's Lass And Lad?

What is wrong with today's lass and lad?
Should they adapt to all the society's fad?

Should they talk with nothing but contempt,

Get Up And Rise

When words fail to explain
And eyes are tear drained
Get up and rise
Don't welcome the loser sighs

This Is My India And I Am Proud Of Her

From the beautiful mythology,
to the Indian ideology,
This is my India and I am proud of her.

Love Is All That You Seek

I held thy hand
And far I wanted to go
How sweet is young love
I very well know

Oh Mother!

A mother, She is hard to describe,
Cause whatever she does is not bribed.
You can observe her care,
When she cooks your food with her hands bare.

I Am A Beach

The strong beam of light,
Making my crust bright,
My beautiful tides,
Giving the surfers sea rides,

The Story Of A Girl

Prison-ed in the four walls of this room,
Waiting for a magical broom.

So that I need not weep,
Or go on sweep.

I Remember The Day

I remember the day,
while I was sitting by the bay.

There arrived a van,

The Furious Teacher And The New Class

I remember when our class was changed,
How we all raged!

The teacher said,

War Of The Owen Sisters

Let me tell you a story,
Well, neither does it describe a hero's glory,
Nor does it exemplify how the lions roared,
As to new heights the hero soared.

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