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Time Knows Time

Rating: 4.6

Time flows
Like the perennial river
Time rides the crest
Of a wave in the sea
Time's space
Its fourth dimension
Time's elastic
Keeps on bouncing
Time's a sponge
Absorbs all spills
Time sleeps
Time wakes up
Time walks
Time runs
Time races
Time stands still
Time flies fast
Time has past
Time has future
Time never stays in the present
Time creeps
Time ticks
Time tricks
Sometimes good
Sometimes bad
Time's night
Time's day
Time's dark
Time's bright
Time's heavy
Time's light
Time's easy
Time's hard
Time blinks like eye
Time beats like heart
Time makes
Yoktosecond large
Time turns
Exasecond too small
Time lets one fall
Time makes one rise
Time's magic
Time brings one to life
From nowhere
Time makes one vanish
In an instant
Time's all
That we know
Time's everything else
That we don't.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013
Time Poems: 54 / 500
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Wahab Abdul 23 June 2013

very catchy write, time knows time.. wonderful...

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Indira Babbellapati 21 June 2013

every blink every breath in the eyes of the overseer-time!

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Valsa George 20 June 2013

Time runs and gallops and nosedives into eternity! None can keep pace with it! None can hold it back to stay! ! Time is timeless! Let us ride on the crest of time! ! Enjoyed! !

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Heather Wilkins 23 August 2013

time know time and no one else does. time waits for no one. good write

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Farah Ilyas 28 June 2013

So true..time knows time better..great indeed

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Sandra Feldman 13 October 2021

A whole treatise on Time, in a single poem. Complete and far reaching, Amazing poetic feat! Excellent!

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Kumarmani Mahakul 11 January 2021

Time is heavy and bright. Time gives us recognition. We feel delighted having God's grace.

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Terry Craddock 01 October 2020

I wrote the poem 'Comments Changing Time History Is Awesome' inspired by the poem 'Time Knows Time' by the poet Tirupathi Chandrupatla and dedicated to the poet Tirupathi Chandrupatla.

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Terry Craddock 01 October 2020

time to make a time comment, this is awesome, ranging through time multi-dimensional, in multiple aspects of time, changing time aspects timely, calling back time in the face of so many sayings and social comments on time, but then time is the most intriguing question tick tick ticking in our face daily, demanding constant time reference changes

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Aniruddha Pathak 14 October 2019

Fabulous write, time is all that we know of and more still beyond our ken.

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