Tired Feelings 01 Poem by Ashraful Musaddeq

Tired Feelings 01

Rating: 2.1

Tired night like angel
Peeps from the window
Resurrection of memory

Tired soul missing fairy
Beamless dream wake up
Permutation of old life

Tired melancholy regret
Abducted imagination
Climbed up the memory

Rakesh Bedi 26 June 2009

Tired feelings do have the power to freshen up ones memories, nice poem, sir!

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Maria Barbara Korynt 26 June 2009

'Tired Feelings' - beauty title, topic and whole. It is giving but the flight of possibility for the poet. Very good poem, I like it. Greetings :) (10 v.) Maria Barbara Korynt

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Catrina Heart 25 June 2009

A tired night for the soul who is melancholy wanders in a room of limbo. Where memories float like sumbeams which makes one in a moment of depression...NIce written poem...10+++

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Priyanka Bhowmick 25 June 2009

wow wonderful one...esp. the 1st one..

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Herbert Nehrlich2 24 June 2009

I got a bit tired reading this but then its meaning sank in. Nice poem with substance. H

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excellent expression...wanted to know what makes you tired..it is a transient period which will give more energy...

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Shashendra Amalshan 27 June 2009

you express it well sir! ! ! ... and i v read many of your sweet ones, most of them help me to get over the tired feelings i have, some are in a way amusing and thought provoking... the case with many writers is that though they write good poems, they are not interesting enough, but your ones are entertaining.. you always keep the that factor alive... this sort of different one..to earlier ones i v read, still the theme well expressed indeed.. 10+++ well deserved

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Lady Grace 26 June 2009

reflexes...don't stop writing poems..add more..grace

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Seema Aarella 26 June 2009

the unique title drew me to read this...this unique write left me speechless.....and the tentacles of some ageold memories began to swathe me....slowly! ! ! ! excellent write! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

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Ch J Satyananda Kumar 26 June 2009

Wonderful sir......................

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