[03] Orchids Still Breed Poem by Ashraful Musaddeq

[03] Orchids Still Breed

Rating: 4.2

[Dedicated to respected poet Sandra Fowler]

Stormy time stirring
Rainy breeze hiking
Shooting stars fading
Quickly in the space

Frosty poles melting
Bit by bit gradually
Octopuses catching
Fish under deep sea

Laughing morning
Crying at evening
Chicken to die and
Evening grills life

Yesterdays hanged
Todays are creeping
Orchids still breed
In the unseen bush

Poem 18
Book 'Affluent Love- The Silent Killer' February 2012
Copyright Writer
Adarsha Publishers, Dhaka, Bangladesh
ISBN 978-984-8875-33-9

Kamel kamel 17 May 2009

Octopuses catching Fish under deep sea Unfortunately this is the true face of life I mean the dark side Good description.

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Iram Jamil 18 May 2009

very very nicely explained dear through your innermost depth... Nice write.

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Sandhya S N 19 May 2009

Nice poem which gives insight to the lovely nature regards Sandhya

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Aishwarya Mandya 20 May 2009

i thnk it is a lovely poem it has been penned with appreciable elegance

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Arshaj Gaikwad 21 May 2009

very very elegant indeed.... lovely nature poem.... pleasure readin it.....arsh

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Raj Nandy 30 August 2009

The perennial life force of Mother Nature is symbolised by those beautiful orchids, - which shall continue to bloom and the lucky ones will have the privilege to notice and enjoy the same! SO IT IS WITH SANDRA FLOWER'S POEMS! A great tribute to a very senior poet! 10+++ -Raj Nandy

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Pranav Kumar 26 July 2009

great poem keep it up 10 for u

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excelent poem for sandra..beautiful images...

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Yelena M. 03 July 2009

Your poems always posess an amazing and unique imagery. A worthy dedication to Sandra, thanks for sharing. Best wishes. A.

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I got a unique picture from this poem. Sorry it took so long to comment. Better late then never

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