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‘tis The Season

Rating: 4.5

As the chill of the winter season begins to knock
Daylight Savings Time tumbles back on the clock
Replacing sunlit hours of the day are colorful lights
Christmas music fills department stores overnight

The big gobble bird hasn’t even been roasted yet
Snowflakes are absent and precipitation is still wet
The rush to promote present giving is obviously clear
Gift giving is the way to show that you care each year

What would be the perfect way to say Merry Christmas?
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V P Mahur 24 March 2014

Dear Madam, Lovely poem to read Thanks! ........................ 'Destination Of Love' ............................... Please reply if possible.

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i agree.. u r so articulate and u have a free spirit amazing

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Mamta Agarwal 11 May 2008

festivals are about sharing. there is no joy greater than seeing a smile on dejected face. yes, we should give to the needy and not fill our cuppoards with stuff we don't need

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Linda Ori 21 December 2007

Amen to that one, Teresa. Your heart's in the right place and this is a most eye-opening poem. It's always better to give than to receive, and in doing so, much pleasure is derived by both parties. Good for you! Linda :)

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Tom J. Mariani 10 November 2007

You have come up with a perfect way to say Merry Christmas. Lots of us find it hard to keep focus on the 'Holiday Spirit.' If you want a laugh at an imperfect way, take a glance at my 'WARNING! Watch What Your Wrap For Christmas.' I will add your suggestions to my to-do list. Write On, Tom

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