To The Utilitarian Eyes. Poem by Nabakishore Dash

To The Utilitarian Eyes.

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Laughter, playing a flute,
writing poems are not commodities.
Can a hungry man
feed on them?
Certainly feeding some one
is beyond their capacities.
In aggression
they can not be used;
they are neither bombs nor cannons.
When one is ill,
they can not be used;
they are not pills.

If one invents a gadget and
patent it, one can earn money.
If you write a poem,
you don't get any penny.
People with utilitarian eyes
think it is wastage of time.
But if you have been really
into it with meraki
the joy is intrinsic;
no need of any extrinsic rewards
in form of dimes.

Ecstacy comes from doing
some thing useless,
enhances your well being
and happiness.
Money can buy medicines,
but not health and cheerfulness.

Ecstacy comes from doing something useless to enhance happiness.
LeeAnn Azzopardi 18 August 2022

Bravo Nabakishore Bravo! ! ! ! !

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Nabakishore Dash 18 August 2022

Please read ecstasy in stead of ecstacy which is obsolete.

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Rose Marie Juan-austin 26 September 2022

Yes, Poetry is beyond material wealth. It gives us indescribable feelings that lead us to happiness. Beautifully crafted and expressed poem as always.

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Rose Marie Juan-austin 26 September 2022

A very perceptive write brilliantly and vividly depicting the great effects / importance of Poetry on humanity.

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Sandra Feldman 26 August 2022

That of spirituality, opens up the gates. Lovely poem, enjoyed reading it very much!

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Richard Wlodarski 26 August 2022

Poetry has been used to fuel revolutions. And like music therapy, poetry is an excellent adjunct to needed medicine. That aside, I thoroughly enjoyed your poem. Top marks, Dr Dash!

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Thank you very much for the attempt to uphold the aesthetic value of poetic creation. Though it can't fetch money instantly it brings boundless ecstasy that money can't. Great write!

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