Lala Reese

Touch Me - Poem by Lala Reese

Touch me my body calls
From under the sheets
My body whispering to you in a
Language you speak so clearly
Like a sensual melody that
Only you can hear
You listen as it grows louder
Signaling the need for your touch
Tearing at the sheets
You set me free
Gazing into my eyes
I stare back
The wanting so intense
Like flames wild and hungry
Our bodies move closer
You can feel the heat from my body
You can hear my pulse
Caressing my skin ever so gently
Sending jolts of pleasure through me
My skin is smooth
My body is radiant
The hunger in my eyes growing
Furious every second
You lay me down and tower over me
Taking in my smell so powerful
You can taste me on your tounge
I look at you with anticipation
Written all over my face
Your hands become curious
Searching my body like a maze
They fall between my thighs
The sweetest treasure waiting for ecstacy
I spread my legs wider
Arching my back awaiting your arrival
You enter me with one thrust
I gasp biting my bottom lip
My muscles tense
You grind slowly teasing me
I move with you
Never missing a beat
The rhythm becoming faster
My low moans form into thirsty cries for more
The mood suddenly changes
I want to take control
The position switches
Now I'm on top exactly where I want to be
Straddling you slowly
Taking my time
Teasing you as you had done me
Unable to wait you thrust up hard
Causing a scream of painful pleasure
My body shaking uncontrollably
Gripping your shoulders for support
I ride like a pro
Always meeting you halfway
Groans and moans of pure passion
Fill the room completely
Grabbing hold of my waist
You pull me down on you and
Thrust up harder and faster
My eyes roll back and my body tightens
I'm about to let go
We go at it like two animals
Not wanting to stop
Building up like a volcano
Ready to erupt
A final thrust
It explodes at once
Bringing the moment of pure bliss
Shared between the two of us
I fall into your arms my body calm
Now weak from the love we just made
My eyes close slowly and a faint smile plays on my face
I'm satisfied beyond belief
Drifting into a sweet dream
I fall asleep fantasizing about the next time
With you yearning to hear my body say those two words again...
Touch me

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Poem Submitted: Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Poem Edited: Wednesday, November 5, 2008

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