A Hug Poem by Howard The Motivational Poet Simon

A Hug

Rating: 4.8

Biology invigorated by Chemistry and empowered by Geography
infuses us with a plethora of poignant sensations, embraced by
thevelvet of tenderness and clasped in the arms of monogamy.
My heart is made of metal and yours, my virtuous bride, of magnet.
Evocative and provocative energy enmeshes our nostalgia.
Conjugal ripples from the surface of our skin rush through our veins
into our deepest depths until reciprocal osmosis becomes orgasmic.

The wind is tired of its futile attempts to get between us.
You are the gloves on my hands and the paint on my wall.
Squeezing and teasing, huddling and cuddling, unifying and satisfying-
tangled together in the tranquil tapestry of inseparability.
I have captured the warmth of the sun and the romance of the moon,
and gift wrappedthem with my own heart and tears just foryou.
Drip drop, drip drop, until you are enveloped in the ocean of my love.

Friday, October 5, 2012
Topic(s) of this poem: love,love and friendship,marriage,romantic,romantic sayings,romanticism,touch
Kelly Kurt 10 April 2015

A wonderfully worded and phrased poem, Howard. Creative and beautiful. Thank you for sharing. Peace

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Kazi Maisha 25 May 2014

This is a very enjoyable poem. It shows both the simplicity and complexity of a hug in a good way, and, being a girl, I can relate to this poem more because I understand how hugs are enjoyable (Tip for the future if needed by anyone: Most girls love-LOVE- hugs.: P) . Anyway, again, it was very enjoyable. This was a great poem! :)

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Hazel Durham 28 June 2014

Love oozes with such beautiful lines, that soar with the truth of your wonderful marraige with such loving words and the stunning facts of a hug! ! I love this superb write!

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Deepak Kumar Pattanayak 27 February 2014

The best ever on feelings of love I have ever read.......Simon......so beautifully crafted......speechless..............

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Brian Johnston 14 April 2014

Doing a little more research on you, I see that you've been on PH since late 2008 and have some amazing statistics as well as a strong following. As I am relatively new to PH (since Dec of 2013) there is still a lot about PH I don't understand or know about. It seems amazing to me that you could have a poem like ~I Choose the Mountain~ that is rated #60 on the top 500 Poems list. Your poem is the first contemporary writer's poem that I have seen rated that way. (There must be others I'm sure.) When I look at the stats page, I see that of the 268 ratings you have received on this poem the average of all of them works out to an incredible 9.1 average. I would guess that this would be hard for any poet to accomplish these days as I have experienced a single member giving one of my poems 5 votes of 1.0 by apparently using different email address to vote multiple times. So I have blocked ratings on almost all but my latest poems. Has this happened to you in the past? Do you know what the criteria is for being rated # 60? The only thing that makes a kind of sense to me is that this could mean that there are 59 poems on PH that have received a higher number of votes on the 'My Favorite Poem's List.' It's true that you have garnered these votes oven 5-6 years but that is still quite an honor. I have written prose poetry that I think is quite nice like 'A Walk Near Blunt' but have a strong preference for poetry that both is metered and rhymes. I approach writing however without a planned meter or rhyme scheme in mind and after several stanzas, pick the pattern and rhyme scheme that to me seems the most attractive and then force the other stanzas to conform. It may surprise you but one of the reasons that I like both meter and rhyme, is that they force me to give more actual thought to what I am saying. It is easier to be lazy with prose. Are the 31 one poems on PH the totality of your work? Have you published any poetry in hardback volumes, magazines, paperback, eBook form, etc.? Let me choose your poem 'A Hug' to review first since it is obviously a philosophy that we both share. The tag on my car is HUGMNOW which is most often translated by others as Hug Me Now (everyone it seems has a hug deficit) , but translated correctly as 'Hug Them Now.' The most humorous translation was 'Huge Minnow.' Don't know what that guy was smoking but it must have been good! First some simple observations and comments. 1. As one gets into the poem it becomes clear that this hug at least is just for your wife. That's OK but what about the rest of us? Ha! 2. As a physicist, I find myself wondering why you are mere metal and your wife something more magical, a Magnet! Magnets can attract magnets too you know! Of course with your choice only attraction is possible. A freebie perhaps, but still magnets could make the poem stronger and bring your love for her more in congruence with the possibility of choice in human relationships. 3. I like your use of alliteration throughout the poem with some of it being quite visual as well, like 'tangled together in the tranquil tapestry' or 'reciprocal osmosis becomes orgasmic.' 4. The last line of the 2nd Stanza is especially delightful, 'Drip, drop, drip, drop, until you are enveloped in the ocean of my love.' What a lovely way to say to her that you are in it for the long haul! 5. I would personally have liked a stronger spiritual component in the poem, but you come close with 'I have captured the warmth of the sun and the romance of the moon, and gift wrapped them with my own heart and tears just for you. Less successful I think 1. I generally don't like anthropomorphizing things like the wind. It is one thing to talk about feeling 'caressed by the wind, ' and quite another in my opinion to talk about 'the wind is tired of its futile attempts...' While some would call this poetic license I generally try to avoid it. 2. 'Conjugal ripples from the surface of our skin rush through our veins' was also an image that took away from the poem for me. Maybe 'Conjugal emotions electrifying the skin sent electrons racing through excited nerves, ' would be better. Please write more soon. PH needs more Poets with your heart and your clarity of vision.

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Kumarmani Mahakul 25 August 2018

I have captured the warmth of the sun and the romance of the moon, and gift wrappedthem with my own heart and tears just foryou. Drip drop, drip drop, until you are enveloped in the ocean of my love.......so touching and impressive. A beautiful poem on Love and friendship nicely executed.10

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Nosheen Irfan 10 February 2016

One of your best works. Amazing imagery. I have captured the warmth of the sun and romance of the moon...sublime. Sensations that a hug creates in us couldnt be described more aptly. Full marks to u.

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Dorothy- A. Holmes 18 September 2015

Ah, was it an oak or a maple...perhaps a pine or spruce...No matter really, still a fine verse! Dorothy A Poet Who Loves To Sing

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Afrooz Jafarinoor 12 August 2015

Oh, Howard... Remember what I told you the other day? Well I repeat: you are my discovery of the day, every day, for every poem! I'm proud of knowing you and being your co-member on PoemHunter!

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Melvina Germain 19 July 2015

I smiled large while reading this beautiful couplet. It brought back memories of standing in my shower gazing out of the window at one of my favorite trees in the neighborhood. Often a bird would be perched on the very top and I would smile. One day I gazed out the window and the tree was gone and I cried like a baby and even now I look toward where that tree use to be and ponder. Thank you for this very gentle and beautiful poem Howard, I love it.....

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