Trapped In Time Poem by jim foulk

Trapped In Time

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Where has time went?
It seems like one night,
I went to sleep,
and the next day,
40 years passed away.

Am I trapped in time,
feeling like I don't
belong here, out of
place sort of.

Time has passed me
by, like a speeding
train in the night.

Somehow need to
deal with all
these changes
that surround me.

Need to catch up
with the present, before
really am trapped in time.

Manonton Dalan 26 January 2016

I am having difficulty catching with present

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Patti Masterman 04 April 2007

This is just so- remember when we were children; and time stretched out, languid and long- long enough to digest everything so that it became concrete and real. Things whiz by so fast now, no wonder we're never sure, even about who is now dead and who is still alive. I love your poems about time, Jim.

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Will Barber 26 February 2007

Where do the days go? Where does the light go, when it goes out? When we awaken from sleep, are we us? I loved this poem. - Will

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Patricia Gale 15 February 2007

A perfect piece to go w/ the phrase time flies...

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Alison Smith 15 February 2007

That will teach you to take to many sleeping tablets... Or to avoid the changes till they have engulfed you... Its like being reborn... facing the new challenges... enjoy dont despair Its not time passing you its time slowing down... Alison

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jim foulk

jim foulk

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