Dr. Geeta Radhakrishna Menon

Tree 6 - Under The Shade Of A Banyan Tree - Poem by Dr. Geeta Radhakrishna Menon

I am the Banyan tree,
Standing in silence,
For hundred and twelve years now!
I may look dumb and mute,
But I am not a fool,
I can see and feel all,
I comprehend everything that goes around me!

O! But I am not here to judge,
Teach or preach nor
To protest against the atrocities committed by
Man, through his ignorant mind,
Man has to realise and work out his own
'Karma' - As he sows, so he reaps!
I am just a silent witness
To many stories, many events and many people!

A group of women come during mid-day,
My siesta-time!
They chatter and gossip so loudly,
They disturb me and my tree friends!
They point a fault at every person,
Their mind so clogged with evil thoughts,
Their face so ugly and distorted in anger,
Their forefinger pointed high, always at others!

Soon, the women get up to leave,
Shaking their angry heads,
Unaware, unwitting,
I shudder in disgust!
My tender heart shaped leaves,
Sigh in relief, as they finally leave,
I can now, go back to my siesta!

There is one pious lady who comes
During the evening hours,
Sits quietly under my shade,
Praying for her family,
Praying for peace in this world!
She looks at me with reverence
A noble lady with love,
A wise lady with light on her path!

As the pious lady leaves,
I pray too,
That the lady is blessed with happiness!
I sincerely pray
That many more daughters like her
Should be born on this earth!
I close my eyes to meditate
Shedding tears of joy!

As the night falls, a dark silence sets in,
I am shaken from my momentary get away of
A poet chased by an array of delightful thoughts;
But alas! My trance is broken by few creepy men
Who hide under my thick branches,
Whispering with an evil tongue,
Abusing and conniving,
Arguing and condemning!

To cheat, to thieve, to kill -
Deeds most despicable!
My heart shaped leaves ruffle
Dramatically - while the owl hoots;
The ruffians take to their feet, howling, frightened that
They may be caught with their evil plots!
As they leave, I heave a sigh of great relief.
At last! I can sleep peacefully now!

Dawn is moment of great bliss,
Dreams that come true,
When the sun peeps in with dazzling beams,
When hundred birds sit on my branches,
Singing together in chorus
Soulful melodies!
Hymns of the peaceful refrains,
Hymns of miraculous unity of life

A young Yogi comes and seats himself right on my lap,
Closes his eyes and chants Mantras! I repeat the Mantras with him!
I pray that all my 'karmas'- past and present be washed away,
To be released from the worldly bondage,
To become a purified soul!
To attain ‘moksha'- the ultimate salvation!
My heart shaped leaves bow down with reverence,
To the ultimate force of this Universe!

Topic(s) of this poem: nature, tree

Comments about Tree 6 - Under The Shade Of A Banyan Tree by Dr. Geeta Radhakrishna Menon

  • Valsa George (12/23/2015 10:21:00 PM)

    This is the beautiful soliloquy of a bunyan tree. It is a mute witness to all that happens around. But it has its prudent and sagacious judgement about everything. It can distinguish between people of good intentions and people who are wicked and evil at heart, though it never passes any judgement. This tree personified serves as an impartial judge on people and situations! A lovely poem with a great diction! (Report) Reply

    Geeta Radhakrishna Menon (12/23/2015 11:25:00 PM)

    Thank you, Valsa, for your valuable and generous comment on the banyan tree.
    I am fascinated by trees and can spend a lot of time just looking at them and admiring them.

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  • Kelly Kurt (9/11/2015 2:37:00 PM)

    A wonderfully crafted poem, personifying a tree.10 (Report) Reply

    Geeta Radhakrishna Menon (9/13/2015 4:09:00 AM)

    Dear Kelly, Thank you, for your generosity and kindness.

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