Kurt Kacich

Triple 6 Flags (Carnival Of Carnage) - Poem by Kurt Kacich

Oh what a sight! Look at the new attraction!
Let’s enter the festival and feel some satisfaction,
Down in Hades it’s stressful, let’s pay our dues from infraction,
They call it the Carnival of Carnage the festival for the damned,
Through the entrance we stroll to our sides we see sacrificed lambs,
A festival only for local residents, the total customers read six hundred sixty-six,
To our left we see a black magic musician performing tricks,
With the bloody and beaten angel of Gabriel as his sidekick,
To our right we see clowns juggling heads of the deceased,
On unicycles they laugh at the faces of death without cease,
As we keep walking ahead we spot a Ferris wheel, looks like fun!
Let’s ride the Ferris wheel called the Pentagram so we can touch the sun!
We enter the Pentagram accompanied by a goat headed being,
By far this is the tallest Ferris wheel I’ve ever seen!
Up we go we’re halfway to the top!
Until we get interrupted by a sudden stop,
More passengers occupied with the freaks of the night,
Up we go again! Now were at the top, oh what a sight!
But as I look up it wasn’t the sun I saw, it was a desolate estate,
A land above us? But how is that possible beyond imagination demons create?
It must be the land they call purgatory, the court of evil and good,
Purgatory, a circular island shaped realm often misunderstood,
Headed by a two member team “God” and the Devil, our master,
The team that dictates triumph and glory or torment and disaster,
What looks like human beings that stands of the surface,
I see some walk up stairs with their heads held high,
Walking up the stairway of heaven, or in their minds the sky,
Unfortunate are they, they’ll never experience the fair we have down here,
The other humans with eyes that resemble fear,
Are the ones more fortunate, the ones that can experience the fun,
The ones that resemble fear, qualify in the marathon we call the pit run,
After the pit run they auction for settlements in the Hades township,
What a stressful process! Perhaps they should join us here,
The Carnival of Carnage, the funfair filled with fear,
The Ferris wheel descends down, as it picks up speed,
A feel a breath of exemption my soul feels free,
Without halt, we reach the bottom, what a surge!
So we continue walking being guided from a sinister urge,
From there we spot the tilt a whirl, let’s go a spin!
Again an empty line we hop on the ride of sin,
The ride with rotating carts, it spins so fast it peels off the skin,
So we twirl and twirl,
So fast we whirl and whirl,
So fast I close my eyes and see a scroll unfurl,
It reads, “compassion is ugly and pain is glamour.”
The scroll that reads a message reversed from Amor,
My skin peels off and I feel my flesh wither in the wind,
I feel an surge of excitement as my pain peaks from within,
The Goat-head operater of thetilt-a-whirl pulls the lever, faster and faster we spin,
The tilt-a-whirl stops and my body rushes with endorphins,
Let’s walk to our left, past the blood pools, from the tears of heaven,
Let’s keep walking, ahead I see the house of mirrors attraction #11,
This looks neat to take a walk inside!
What welcomes us is one of God’s angels ridiculed dressed as a bride,
Inside this house is mirrors all around me,
When I looked I saw something I never expected to see,
I saw a smoke cloud with goat horns coming from the top left and right,
Something in the mirror that looked so sinister that leaves angels in fright,
Something scarier than what human beings see as danger in the night,
Perhaps I was a human being in my previous life,
Perhaps this is my reward from de-viewing “God” in despite,
In a reversed mind in Hades I always abided by what is wrong and what is right,
The house of mirrors, the house that shines the reflection of truth,
The house of mirrors, the places where darkness represents the darkness of my youth,
But what a great feeling! Let me bask in the presence of sin!
Let me bathe in the darkness with mirrors and feel the spite from within!
As a walk out of the house I look to my right and there’s a stage,
Six hundred and Sixty six angel wings for prize currency for their wage,
Of the most talented dancers of zombie women and little goulish looking school girls,
Erotic strippers and dancers that are submissive to their masters,
That provide our species to fulfill our lust and get us through our dark days faster,
Zombie women dance with shackles and chains being held by their masters from behind,
Sex discrimination is the relationship status in Hades, when a male wants to unwind,
They ship sex slaves in black chariots bearing evil souls,
Possibly the secret of love in which we will never know,
The 2nd segment is the tap dance with the goulish school girls,
Children held by leashes from the zombie women like a line of dominance,
The masters, the zombies, the gouls, so demeaning for their masters they dance!
After feeling arousal from the creatures dance, I figured I’d cool off in the park,
Yes, a park the “water park”, or In the eyes of humans, blood pools in the dark,
With slides from the top of the skies, where victims drown in the tears of heaven,
This is going to be my last segment, the attraction number #7,
The blood slide, the slide from purgatory where angels die,
What a beautiful sight! Skies of red with crow shaped bodies and human heads a high!
How beautiful the skyline above Hades, the tainted horrors in the skies!
I’m going to take the elevator to the top, I’m starting to feel tired,
The elevator where rats feast on angels trapped to the wires,
To the top we go! A smooth ascent to purgatory level going rather slow,
At the top I look down,
from the top I can see everything from the tilt-a-whirl to the clowns,
The Pentagram shaped Ferris wheel, literally the ghost town!
So I descend down the slide! Feeling my spine riddled with spikes,
Descending from the skies, descending pain from new heights,
Masochism, a beauty in its own field,
Masochism pain so glamorous, almost surreal,
The last of my blood spurts from my black heart,
Attractions of Masochism in the Chaotic Carnival from the start,
Never will I forget my adventure, my vacation,
My vacation to the Carnival during sedation,
The Carnival of Carnage, the land of the triple 6 sins,

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Poem Submitted: Sunday, April 11, 2010

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