Turn Negative To Positive Poem by Aqua Flower

Turn Negative To Positive

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Your mind is in control
you are the ruler
you can turn black to white
make it day from night
keep your head up, don't drown
the positive force is around
listen carefully, you'll hear the sound

copyright @ Aqua Flower

Thursday, May 24, 2018
Topic(s) of this poem: control,mind,positiveness
You are the only one who can change it!
Rajnish Manga 24 May 2018

This may be a small poem but has a profound motivation for one and all. Goes into MyPoemList. Thanks.

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Bill Cantrell 19 June 2018

A positive force wins out over negativity every time! ! ! ! Good to see you writing again my friend😊

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Aqua Flower 20 June 2018

You know nothing keeps me down! ! Positive is the only way to be! A pleasure to read yiur comments my friend! ! Thank you! ! ! AF

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Bri Edwards 19 June 2018

(cont.) ... BUT, ....some changes may only be possible using witchcraft or god/god-like beings e.g. my poetry. did you think BRI wrote it! ? bri :) p, s, nice rhyming

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Aqua Flower 19 June 2018

The key I feel to life is to know what you can change and what you cannot and to always look at things in a positive way accepting what life has to offer whether good or bad and dealing with it. But I will add one exception.... your smelly socks! LOL

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Bri Edwards 19 June 2018

I SAY: some changes are controlled by the self e.g. i changed my socks last week! they WERE getting smelly. but some changes are not possible e.g. changing one's skin color UNLESS 'we' are talking temporary 'tanning' or painful bleaching techniques. [see: Michael Jackson? ] some changes can be done with the help of medical techniques and big-Pharma e.g. Bruce Jenner's transformation! (cont.) ...

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Chinedu Dike 31 May 2018

The power of positive thinking is aptly captured in the poem. Well conceived and nicely encapsulated with insight. Thanks for sharing.

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Aqua Flower 31 May 2018

Thank you for your nice comments and appeciation The mind is an mportant piece to finding happiness!

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Dr Antony Theodore 24 May 2018

you can turn black to white make it day from night......the positive thinking........ control.... thank u dear poet for sublime thinking, tony

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Aqua Flower 24 May 2018

Subline thinking! I appreciate your comments! thank you!

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