*unforgettable* Poem by Allen Steble The Philosophical Poet


Rating: 3.0

Some say the evening sunset
is the most amazing sight
some say it is the prelude
to the calming silence of evening's fall
some say it finishes a perfect day
with the most spectacular array of colour
some say it is unforgettable
you are like that sunset

Some say that the visible stars
on the blanket of twilight
are what make a gorgeous night
some say that even when those stars die
we will see their afterglow
for millions of years to come
some say they know
why they twinkle as an oyster's pearl
some say they are unforgettable
you are like those stars

Some say that the ocean is a mystery
a wide expanse of endless blue
some say its waves carry away all problems
and swallows them into its deep abyss
some say its power is limitless
and its prominent calm is like an angel's kiss
it is truly unforgettable
you are like the ocean

-You are unforgettable!

Gillena Cox 19 September 2009

like the way you pile your case, before your summations

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Guy Lip-more 16 May 2013

Really like your style of writing, very expressive but direct.

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Patricia Grantham 15 June 2013

Unforgettable Thats What You Are/Nat King Cole. Love can make an impression on your heart that can't be erased by the hands of time. Nice write.

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Heather Wilkins 18 June 2013

beautiful imagery. a nice write. Enjoyed the read

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Kaila George 06 August 2013

Lucky women all I can say...10+++++

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V P Mahur 26 February 2014

A true love is always unforgettable. Nice calm of the thoughts is really pacifying in the poem. so nice. I invite you to say something about my poems.

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Marvin Brato 25 January 2014

Very expressive..romance flows in this poetic sentiments.

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Amitava Sur 13 January 2014

A lovely painting of true love which can never be erased or brushed aside. very nicely elaborated. You may read my poem My morning bud of rose

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Ken E Hall 10 November 2013

Unforgettable tribute to her to melt her soul... funny I have just bought a photo piicture 2 by 1 and1/2 meters and it is the sunset at the beach like your poem stunning and permenent in the lounge...regards

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Marvin Brato 20 October 2013

Beautiful poetry...enlightening!

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