Vampire Poem by Colin Ian Jeffery


Rating: 5.0

Last train comes and goes
While hidden in the darkness
Down midnight leafy country lane
On melancholy moonless night
Waits a vampire hungry for prey.

Pools of pale light
Small islands within dreaded dark
Glow from gothic street lamps
But there is no protection
Without a crucifix and garlic.

Footsteps echo down the lane
Solitary passenger from the train
Heart quickening with terror
Walking with rapid nervous steps
Fearing what lurks within the darkness.

Saturday, July 5, 2008
Topic(s) of this poem: horror,terror
Osvaldo Roman 12 July 2008

Thu use of imagery was absolutly amazing. It vivified your work even more. Thanks.

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Tsira Goge 10 July 2008

Very effectively, good poems...10... Tsira

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Serenity Prayer 09 July 2008

sweetness! ! i love it! its fantastic. great job! !

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Viola Grey 05 July 2008

nice and sinister...but garlic will never save them...good write.

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Demon lover 29 August 2008

i love vampires and i love this poem. its very good. u should read some of mine.

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H K 20 August 2008

excellent imagery, I loved reading this poem.

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Khaos Dven 06 August 2008

I love it. Always had dreams of becoming a vampire. I guess im kinda twiztd that way hehe. Grate peom. Everyone has there vampire.

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Haytem A.f 14 July 2008

who knows what is in the darkness? we even fail to connect to reality and our fears runs loose carrying our logics and believes away from us, when terror strikes us, vampires will be lurking for us. The streets are full with rapists, murderers, thieves and maniacs, if symbolism is in use to refer to them as vampires, I will give it 10..

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Bridgid Patrick 12 July 2008

Great imagery, you have a great talent. I could almost hear the footsteps echoing on the rain soaked cobbled streets... BP x

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