Veneration To The Gods.... Poem by Sylvia Frances Chan

Veneration To The Gods....

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Introduction: Kalliope's goddess for music, song, and dance she was also the goddess of eloquence her parents were: ZEUS& MNEMOSYNE
Veneration to the gods

Veneration to the gods
absolute insane thoughts

that was when Heracles inspired me
long before mortal births known to he
then I came from my hidden throne
I wished to speak to God alone

so odd, my Lord
planning without a sword
throw away thy divine words
am never used to, absolutely known to the birds
in the field of mine
your words are eternal most sublime

I knew I received God´s consent
to meet and speak to Heracles
only for one small moment

never dare my sinful heart
not a tiny bit nor a greater part
to abandon Thee, oh Lord
my One and Only God in my heart

once in a while
my body now is still fertile
I constantly talk graveyards long
till the deepest abyss while listening to Thine song

there I saw handsome Heracles in his walkings
looking perhaps for his girls' amusing?
once or twice I saw Kalliope, the eldest of the Mousai
she was loveliest and most eloquent, she did a very lot her way
dunno want to tell more, she was the mother of Orpheus, on that lawn
she was celebrating with song, and dance till the morning dawn

When the Mousai were assigned specific artistic spheres
Kalliope was named Muse of Epic poetry
In this guise, she was holding a tablet and stylus or a scroll
In older ones, she holds a lyre for music and dance only

Now I am climbing the Olympus
going to meet my favorite hero Heracles
hope this mission would be a great success
since day and dawn, I am his zest

A world so different mine Heracles
gatekeeper of the Olympus, ancient god of strength, heroes, sports, athletes, health, and no woes
the mythical god of agriculture, fertility, oh my god
trade, oracles and divine protector of mankind, oh such a very lot

with the greatest pain, his mother gave birth to him
she was just surviving, she was at her brim
he was known as Hercules in all kind of Romes
Athens or Romes, what does it matter?
both were his loved and cozy homes….

Portrait of Kalliope from the Greek Museum.

© Sylvia Frances Chan
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Veneration To The Gods....
Sunday, January 28, 2018
Topic(s) of this poem: poetic expression
God is GOD, Heracles was One of the Mythical gods wherein the ancient Greeks and ancient Rome had their belief in. Please, enjoy. Thank you
Riza Braholli 04 August 2018

This weave between the Lord of the pagan gods. so let's note the lyrical hero with the dilemmas and logic of his experiences... Thank you for sharing dr. riza

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Dr Dillip K Swain 02 February 2018

I forgot to mention one more thing that the photography appended with your poem is alluring!

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Dr Dillip K Swain 28 January 2018

A sublime piece of work Liked the lucidity of expression.. thanks for sharing.....10

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Sylvia Frances Chan 01 February 2018

Thank you so much for having read my poem. Great glee to know that! Thank you for the 10 and your kindest compliment.

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