Roald Dahl

(13 September 1916 – 23 November 1990 / Cardiff / Wales)

Veruca Salt, The Little Brute - Poem by Roald Dahl

'Veruca Salt, the little brute,
Has just gone down the garbage chute,
(And as we very rightly thought
That in a case like this we ought
To see the thing completely through,
We've polished off her parents, too.)
Down goes Veruca! Down the drain!
And here, perhaps, we should explain
That she will meet, as she descends,
A rather different set of friends
To those that she has left behind–
These won't be nearly so refined.
A fish head, for example, cut
This morning from a halibut.
'Hello! Good morning! How d'you do?
How nice to meet you! How are you?'
And then a little further down
A mass of others gather round:
A bacon rind, some rancid lard,
A loaf of bread gone stale and hard,
A steak that nobody could chew,
An oyster from an oyster stew,
Some liverwurst so old and gray
One smelled it from a mile away,
A rotten nut, a reeky pear,
A thing the cat left on the stair,
And lots of other things as well,
Each with a rather horrid smell.
These are Veruca's new found friends
That she will meet as she descends,
And this is the price she has to pay
For going so very far astray.
But now, my dears, we think you might
Be wondering–is it really right
That every single bit of blame
And all the scolding and the shame
Should fall upon Veruca Salt?
Is she the only one at fault?
For though she's spoiled, and dreadfully so,
A girl can't spoil herself, you know.
Who spoiled her, then? Ah, who indeed?
Who pandered to her every need?
Who turned her into such a brat?
Who are the culprits? Who did that?
Alas! You needen't look so far
To find out who these sinners are.
They are (and this is very sad)
Her loving parents, MUM and DAD.
And that is why we're glad they fell
Into the garbage chute as well.'

Comments about Veruca Salt, The Little Brute by Roald Dahl

  • (10/16/2019 5:23:00 AM)

    Brilliant poem if of course you like the film (Report)Reply

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  • (5/8/2019 11:26:00 AM)

    good music i liked the beat of it (Report)Reply

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  • (3/20/2019 10:24:00 PM)

    same as in charlie and chocolate factory (Report)Reply

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  • Frederick Kesner (3/8/2018 9:41:00 PM)

    Classic Dahl! Very descriptive, witty and insightful. Written in language suited to all readers, young and old, native and acquired English speakers; Dahl himself bring Scandinavian by birth. (Report)Reply

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  • (1/30/2018 2:45:00 PM)

    serves her right that little spoiled turd (Report)Reply

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  • (1/10/2016 7:39:00 PM)

    ........rhymes well....and I agree with Brian you write very well ★ (Report)Reply

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  • Primrose Tee (5/5/2014 5:02:00 AM)

    good poem i like it too (Report)Reply

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  • Brian Jani (4/28/2014 4:11:00 AM)

    You surely know how to wrote, I like each and every poem of yours (Report)Reply

    (6/13/2019 12:11:00 AM)

    Yeah, hes dead mate.

    (6/10/2019 10:41:00 PM)

    Hes dead mate.

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