War Hate And Peace Poem by Ayman Parray

War Hate And Peace

Do not talk of peace when the world lies in pieces
Shattered, bruised and maimed humanity lies
Talk instead of war, it never changes
There is something about hate, the mind it amazes
"The more things change, the more they stay the same"
Hateful warmongers playing the same old game
Since that day, one brother was killed by the other
And God marked "the other", a hateful warmonger
A sin it is to take, the life of another
A sin is to crave, what belongs to another
Yes we all know the books and the rules
Yet we all live like knaves and fools
Even if not written, we would know right from wrong
And still, we sing the same old hate song
Lately, it may seem, fiends have been unleashed from the hell gate
But these demons are among us and in our hands lies the world's fate
If war is an all prevalent and all-pervasive phenomenon,
Hate makes warriors like racists, bigots, supremacists, and terrorists wage it
Those who hate to love,
And love to hate
Say no to fear, greed, hate, war, suffering, and pain,
Say yes to peace; unite without leaders and our honor we may regain

Ayman Parray © 2016

Thursday, July 5, 2018
Topic(s) of this poem: hate,humanity,life,peace,war
Kelly Kurt 05 July 2018

A passionate and well written plea for sanity and peace. The world is broken, yet it is broken by a minority; the minority of governments, oligarchs and extremists. Your voice proves that the average human has little to do with the hate and greed.

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