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! ! ! ! ! Wardhan-I 'Mist Of Lavender'

Rating: 3.4

Do you burn incense? ?
Do you like the willowy tendrils of aroma
caressing your lithe body..
today when I smelt lavender
I thought of you and
of the possibility of smuggling the fragrance
into your realm through the many treacheries of time …

I couldn’t find any courier, carrier or courtier…
so it remains …atremble..
a captive in its glass mausoleum..
un-smelt, unborn
so there will be irate oracles
on tangent as their haughty nostrils
were not flooded with the waft of supplication;
there will be burials unwept
as the ephemeral balm of ritual
went sadly amiss …..

I’m resigned to a life
Undrencehed in the lavender
Of your love
till a new uprising,
till a new intrigue or
till a courtier carrier or a courier..
lighter than breath
is born …

Wardha and Rehan's project of joining pens/tabs

Viola Grey 21 September 2008

a fabulous collaboration...lavender to me is a greater scent than any incense could ever be...this one swirls like the subject...nice work to both of you.

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Irum . 26 September 2008

beautiful! as i always say you know how to deal with the delicate ripples to let them surge through the imagination... its another amazing creation wardha and rehan!

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Waqas Naeem 03 October 2008

what a great piece! ..kudos to you both...It just made me swim in this immaculate sea of fragrance of lavender...every verse is beautiful, subtle, romantic with a longing and the possibilities are endless...cheers

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Shahzia Batool 05 December 2012

Yes! i agree with Viola Grey! it is a fabulous collaboration indeed! Deep and wonderful! ! !

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Kasia Fedyk 24 May 2012

Rehan, the poem is sublime and the lavender lingers on, born again, the scent intensifies, a lotus flower blooms swimming in the open waters surrounded by the presence of cloves, color unknown in its own breath it appears, a reflection of its own self, so gently broken before, once more alive.

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Marieta Maglas 19 June 2009

''I’m resigned to a life Undrencehed in the lavender Of your love'' excellent lyric poem..10+++

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Ashraful Musaddeq 27 May 2009

An excellent poem 10+++

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Indira Babbellapati 24 October 2008

reading the poem, i found the lavender u missed on my body! i'm still soaked in the perfume is no exaggeration...cheer

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