**** Warlords *** Poem by Sulaiman Mohd Yusof

**** Warlords ***

Rating: 4.7

Political passion tends to churn the skies into an ocean
Robbed of all God’s destiny
Releasing rats of illusion
How many more lies need to be poured?
Heart beats defeated in war
Confusion beckons
Fighting merely for survival
Living far from the truth…
Peace lies weak amid all compactness
Struggling for his lives
Stabbing off ridiculous thrust
Painting blasphemous pictures
Wrapped with politeness and sweetness
It says “we’re comrades, but the lost comrades”
Complementing on each other
With poison kept in hands
Ego fed by the Master
Who was later clowned by the servants
When would this be ended?
How many more lives to be served
On dinner plates...

Lives that pierce and penetrate hearts
Curses hurled at you
Harvester of war seeds
You grow them and run…
The pleasure you gained out of others' tears
Burning the rocks of the Sun
To feel your adopted wolves that you freed
Now chewing you…
In a slow death
Did you realize what you have done?
Don’t you have a heart any more?
I feel so upset
For the Prince of truth,
Who could be lying dead
On eternity's plateau?

Black crows flying low above stinky corpses
Poured into wax molds
Their drippings emit foul smells
The heat could have grinded the crying
But I still see you’re hiding behind the moon
Laughing out loud at your victims,
Who are starting to freeze?
Drinking up infant’s sweat from the Sun’s shadows
Fulfilling your wild urge
How many more will you sacrifice?
Using friends as your shield
From millions of bullets
That come your way
And the rains raining blood
Flooding your damned soul
Their bloods that you've poured into the mold

Open your eyes oh Warlords!
The blood squeeze will submerge,
Your pride
Thrown into the Black hole
Staying for long in Hell
Baptizing you…
Could you atone for all the sins?
Your sins are larger than the flames of Hell!
How are you going to pay?

PS: May God helps us all! ! !

N! RVANA chic 30 October 2008

wow- that was quite a poem there!

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Dr G.K parganiha 30 October 2008

Yes rightly said MAKE LOVE NOT WAR, In war you can win everything at the cost of loosing everyone and everything. By love you can loose everything still you will earn Everything. Nice

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Arin Tumanuvao 30 October 2008

WOW! Such detail in the words....I liked this poem alot....

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Prasetya Utama 30 October 2008

You have succed to keep a core of politic meaning, how to gain a power in their mind (Warlord) , with their ego: they give a welfare promise only, but people always hungry, no job and poor everywhere.

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Maria Sudibyo 30 October 2008

the one to rule never last forever

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Cleon Barrett 24 February 2009

This poem was very self explainatory and had very impressive scenery

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Naidz Ladia 13 December 2008

heroes...heroic lines..differnt cultures, with diff. beliefes..very nice, , it has a very good details...visitors can really digest what it means..NICE, , , VERY NICE HON..

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Evan Histed 03 December 2008

wow... so vivid, so damning, so eternal

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Abhimanyu Raman 10 November 2008

A brilliant and unique piece, one that could have arisen only from the angst of two souls thinking as one Congratulations!

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Dr Hitesh Sheth 05 November 2008

Offcourse good amount of work is needed to write this kind of poem

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