Wasted Time Poem by Lee Degnan

Wasted Time

Rating: 4.5

...and all I can do is sit here
home so cold and empty without you
yet so tense when you chose to be

time for you to self implode
reek havoc, have your fill at
just spewing anger at all of us
when we've waited for so long for you
to be here
just to be with you
hurt and frightened little faces...
hate wells up within me yet

All I can do is sit there
souls all torn, feeling always without you
you're so cold when you chose to be

time for you to disappear
to do what else? have your fun
just waste your time and money
on cheap thrills and chemical highs
call me what you will, lord knows
I've taken enough sh! t from you
to make me hard enough
but without energy to fight back.

It's like you don't even see me sitting there!
love can't survive without you,
you're ripping me up when you chose to be

times I wish would stand still
love and laughter, yeah we have those!
times we can look back on together
when things seemed alright with the world
damn they seem so distant
like another lifetime, like a dream
in black and white, or did they happen
to someone else? christ.

I've nothing else to do but sit here
reminiscing as I always do, without you
and knowing you f*cking chose not to be

time wastes no time...
reminding you that you're dying inside
life's too short for living lies, being
unhappy, wasting time, unloved, rejected...
You seem to have no use for me, nor
me for you, time wore out love's welcome...
I want my life, you want yours but
surprise, maybe it's time...

... that I walk away and you can just sit there, it
may feel good, and you'll do just fine without me...
Yet, already missing you, I'll never chose to.

David Gerardino 07 October 2006

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Uriah Hamilton 25 October 2006

This poem is brutal honesty, wanting to love, wanting to hate, both feelings crippled.

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Roger Bowman 07 December 2006

if loving someone is a waste of time, then love becomes wasted. I wish there was a real cure for love wasted which is also time wasted... Lots of love Lee Roger

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Chris Weersing 22 April 2007

Lee, Damn powerful! ! I loved it

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Jerry Hughes 15 November 2007

Lee this is so sad, so desperate, I wish I could do something...

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Dr.subhendu Kar 22 October 2007

life's too short for living lies, .........as i sway to yor words so sweet that cajoles your love to sneak within, thanks for sharing

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Blue angel Florida 21 August 2007

Agreed: 'life's too short for living lies' :)

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Untitiled and unnamed 06 August 2007

Such a powerfull well written write, paints such a picture, had me wanting to read the last line before i got there, Love, lee...x

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Dee Daffodil 26 July 2007

'Life's too short for living lies' is the most meaningful line in the poem for me. Although this must have been a difficult piece for you to write, you did it with grace and composure...my hat goes off to you on this one for saying this with great honesty. Hugs, Dee

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