We Are Beyond Repair

Rating: 4.5

Heart's have been broken and the tears have all been shed
now a realisation ill never again share your bed
No more warm embraces and the comfort you are there
but now the stark reality that we are beyond repair

Ive struggled with my feelings for far too long now
wrestling with my conscience unable to make that vow
that's id be with you always, forever and a day
and now ive said the words I thought id never say

please don't be sad you'll always be in my heart
and I hope you know the reasons why we must be apart
I have loved you always and done the best I could
but my feelings don't run that deep or as they should

im sorry my loved one, life wont be the same again
I wish there was a solution to take away the pain
although no consolation from all who say its fine
there is no greater healer than the hand of mother time

Farewell my little one, now you have to let me go
to find the man inside, to banish the shadow
I know its hard to take, but it will work out in the end
but always know that in my heart you'll be my special friend.

Preeti - is here! 15 August 2006

Its your heart talking, its just amazing! Preets

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Patricia Gale 19 July 2006

Truly from the heart. Letting go, nowing the facts... never ever easy.

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Barbara Terry 19 July 2006

This is a poem about letting go of the ones we love. We must all break away from our parents bonds and find ourselves, whatever that self may be. This is so poignantly written from the heart Padraig, thanx for sharing. Barbara

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