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~we Proved Them Wrong~

They said ''You'll never make it''.
We said ''Just watch and see''.
No matter what they thought back then
We've made it and we're free.

So many years have gone by
and together we have stood.
How come they never told us
that our life could be this good?

Who knew we'd be so happy?
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For obvious reasons, I think this is absolutely brilliant! And for some reason, the last verse had me practically in tears. An unmitigated joy to read of your unmitigated love. Something for us all to aspire to in such situations. And that's just the poetry talent!

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Ernestine Northover 05 June 2006

Oh that's very sweet and moving Mary. A lovely poem for Todd. Nice sentiments here. Love Ernestine XXX

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Joseph Daly 05 June 2006

A lovely, warm piece. The rhymes are like melting chocolate, naughty but nice. You obviously took a ot of care over this, though that is the most obvious thing about this poem. I love it!

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Dee Daffodil 05 June 2006

What a lovely poem for your husband. Curse the nay-sayers! ! Hugs, dee

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Duncan Wyllie 05 June 2006

Take heed those who turn against, thinking they are much greater, for here stands a testamony of a life that stands for a time much later, You can, you did, you are.........A STAR! Love Duncan X

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