Wedding Picture Face Down Poem by Uriah Hamilton

Wedding Picture Face Down

Rating: 4.9

A man follows an alluring woman
From a bookstore rendezvous
Through twisting streets
Of illicit passion;
He enters her house
To gently kiss her neck
In the plain white kitchen
Where she has prepared meals
For life-draining years
For the same unappreciative husband.

He removes her clothes
Slowly in the afternoon,
Dropping her panties in a hallway
Next to her husband’s study;
He tastes her body, the warm sweetness,
Until she achingly moans.
He gazes for a moment at a wedding picture
And then turns it face down;
He makes no promises
Beyond the present adoration
Of her tender body
Currently unused for years
In the confines of her bedroom.

Forbidden lust
Has a magnetic pull;
The biting of shoulders,
Red finger marks left on the flesh
That was firmly pressed,
Her designations of sensual desire,
To be later camouflaged and covered up
By modest clothing and showers discreetly taken
When her husband isn’t present
To hand her a towel.

Mary Nagy 14 October 2005

I almost feel I should be 'in trouble' for reading this one Uriah. Very nice as usual. Sincerely, Mary

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Raynette Eitel 14 October 2005

Well Uriah, anyone who enjoys this poem will need a cold shower...but who will hand them a towel? Really nice write...just enough. And the title is superb. Raynette

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Shannon Chapel 30 December 2005

Bravo! Reminds me a bit of a poem I wrote called, 'Secret Admirer.' Forbidden pleasures...aah. Well done. S

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Ernestine Northover 16 October 2005

Brilliant Uriah, it certainly raises one's temperature, I love the face down picture line, strange how a picture that cannot see or hear can become so important, giving a feeling of guilt. Sincerely Ernestine

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Mahnaz Zardoust-Ahari 14 October 2005

Very intense as usual Uriah.....I feel like I'm reading something tforbidden :) I loved it as always :)

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The title is perfect! The poem is riveting! This is one of your least romantic....most realistic....and tremendously sensual poems ever, Uriah. I give a 10+! Fabulous job!

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John Kay 14 October 2005

Marcy...I'm shocked. Do you know John well enough to attack him with such venom. I thought you had guidelines about such criticism. But Uriah, this is a very frank poem, and I like it. My only problem with it is the word 'designation' in the last stanza-it is too clinical or non-poetic or something that doesn't seem right. You've got the knack for good endings. I've never used the word 'panties' in a poem. That will be my next challenge. Gets a 10 from me.

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