What Do I See In My Soul?

What do I see in my soul?
I see beautiful memories engraved in gold.
Each one years and years old
Yet so unique and young at heart,
Still refusing to fall apart.

I pick them up, one by one
And carefully place them in my mind-
Where they play on, yes! the "movie" kind
Then there appears something in my face-
Of course! it is a smile, with grace.

Let me show you the memories in my heart
That are still refusing to fall apart.

Look! a toddler of six is holding a mike, her passion
The same child, now ten, holding a pen, her expression
Wait! Did she say security instead of secretary?
Aw! look how she's correcting it, acting like a dictionary.

Ah something echoed in my heart!
It is another memory which didn't fall apart,
The memory of my companion, my timeless comrade.
Isn't the memory so perfectly made?

I miss my kitty so very much,
The pain of losing her still lingers in my heart.
So clear and concise like an art.
Have you ever had a pet? , if yes, you'll understand.
The pain of having only the collar in your hand.

"Shut up" I say to the sombre memories
No, silly! , I am not talking about calories
It's about the pain of watching things fall apart.
Or losing someone who is etched to your heart.

Can you see the child in her teens with her mother?
She is at the gate, waving at her grandmother
She is wondering why grandma is saying "goodbye" so many times
How sad were those times!

Oh look at the time?
Memories can turn hours into seconds, can't they?
Some as sour as lime,
Some as sweet as the sound of chime,
Yet so unique and young at heart.
Still refusing to fall apart....

Tuesday, August 7, 2018
Topic(s) of this poem: childhood ,death,memories,soul

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