What Money Is Poem by Alexander Julian

What Money Is

You have a parent.
The parent says, "You will survive."
It's a nice comment.
However, talk is cheap.
There is no money.
You get money when you get money.
Action is not money.
Work is not money.
Job is not money.
Only money is money and that's all there is to it.
A singer will say, "I will survive! "
But, singing is talk, talk is cheap; and, as such, singing is cheap.
You do not "survive" by singing and dancing.
You survive by eating food, drinking water, and getting shelter.
Music is not the means of survival.
You can make money by singing; however, it's not the means of survival.
Music is not eating.
Music is not drinking.
Music is not shelter.
Music can be means of entertainment.
Of course, "entertainment" and "survival" do not share object of interest.
When you sing all day without drinking water, you can die that way.
Entertainment in general is not means of survival.
When entertainers make money, they're just lucky.
Entertainers are never deserving.
They are just lucky.
A song is not food, water, or shelter.
Only food is food.
Only water is water.
Only shelter is shelter.
When you do "free" work and do not get money, the work is dangerous.
You only get money when you get money, and, only money is money.
"Work" does not always happen for money.
"Work" without money is very dangerous.
"Work" can just be a waste of energy, a waste of time, and waste of exercise.
Money is not exercise; money is money.
I'm writing this poem to guide readers and help them understand money.
Only money is money.
Humans often "talk" about money.
Humans often "sing" about money.
Humans often "dream" about money.
Humans often "entertain" about money.
But talking, dreaming, singing, and entertaining are other things, not money.
You do not make money by dreaming.
Until money is here, there is no money.
If you need money, get money.
Unless you get money, there is no money.
This is all money is.
"Information" about money is not money.
"Language" about money is not money.
Nothing else is money except for money.
Only money is money.

Saturday, May 28, 2022
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