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What Say You My Heart So Tender

Rating: 5.0

What say you my heart so tender
In the glow of eventide
When the world is calm and silent
And all tears fore'er subside

Shall you greet the coming dawning
Peacefully in sweet repose
Or shall you renounce in fury
All you cherish, at the close

As the clouds caress your slumber
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Lyn Paul 29 December 2012

This is truly beautiful. Hope your heart is not tender

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Dave Walker 29 December 2012

A beautiful poem, when the heart stops beating the soul flies free.

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Chandra Thiagarajan 28 December 2012

A striking poem which touches the heart.!

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Diane Hine 27 December 2012

Hearts don't always listen to reason. Lovely poem Val.

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Scotty Dogg 27 December 2012

Incomparable poem. You know what you're doing. Loved it and going to read more.

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Kevin Patrick 13 February 2013

This had my heart tugging, every line was pure magic, you are a modern Romantic with a fine hand for the written word thank you for sharing.

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Chandra Thiagarajan 09 January 2013

Have no doubt- your tender heart wil throb for long making you produce lovely refrains that enchant us. A FABULOUS POEM.

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Red O'mara 04 January 2013

You write beautifully, Val, no matter what the subject.

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Valsa George 03 January 2013

Let your heart not heed your prayer! Let it continue to throb for long to produce even greater melody! A WONDERFUL poem!

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Kelvin Owusu 01 January 2013

amazing poem, such beauty in this piece

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