.......What This Minute Is Worth......... Poem by wardha jawdat

.......What This Minute Is Worth.........

Rating: 3.3

All these choices,
All these notions.
All feasible,
All veritable solutions;
Which one is for me?
That ‘s what I have to see;
The power I have today, castes
Long shadows over my destiny.
Upon the shoulder of this second…
Lies the fate of a million more
In my “yes”of today
I can say “yes” forever more.

This is all, I shall perhaps have,
This moment, when my mortal self shall
Purchase for my immortal self
A niche in the heavens above.

O my children, o my progeny
Would that
Within the shadow of this certainity
Shall I lay in my grave
with sweet dignity.
And shall you live too
sheltered from ignominy

Be that my decision of today,
Become cause of some such fame,
That I steal a page for my name
In the book of tomorrows history….
...........That in death……
Be dead, for only me
...........And yet, live on ……
Till eternity.

Shy Powder 27 September 2008

i dont really know what it was all about, but i like enjoyed the words that you used :)

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Waqas Naeem 18 December 2008

Although I'm a hard determinist and don't think we actually have choices but nevertheless you have carved an immaculate statue personifying the importance of time out of the crude stone (of time) ! I especially like the way you work with the unpredictable future and the sweetness of hope in the last lines. wonderful, cheers...

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Kesav Easwaran 11 October 2008

Be dead for self and live for many...very insightful poem this...what we do right now...right at this moment in life has definitely a bearing on generations to emerge...a well thought out write, Wardha 10

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Sathyanarayana M V S 08 October 2008

This is a very good composition. excellent subject, very well penned..........10

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Ashraful Musaddeq 02 October 2008

An excellent poem. Love it.

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for a presence tailgaing, racing and finally throttling past eternity 'absence' a fuel worth burning- excellent mon ami

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