......^^known Stranger^^...... Poem by wardha jawdat

......^^known Stranger^^......

Rating: 3.1

you sleep next to me every night,
yet you've never heard me weep..
you lie with me in the warmth of my bed,
yet you've never felt the heat..
of that silent, smouldering anger,
I nurse to numbness each eve...
we, partners of flesh,
have never partnered souls;
and I, have often lusted,
trecherously desired more.
O sworn accomplice!
in all, but what is real,
O my bethrothed!
in life and hereafter..
I lie staring at your back,
each night, after you've slumbered;
and my frustrations sting my soul,
the tears flow, unencumbered.
Will you ever awaken to my presence?
I often silently wonder,
or will this be my penance
for trusting love,
to a stranger.....


sadness and passionated needs very deeply said, ,

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In Defense of JH...... On my placid back is warmth of your breath your presence a womb and your tears an ocean of serenity that liberate me bathe me in attire of freshness I’m numb with gratitude so silence is language I speak

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Waqas Naeem 23 June 2009

heartfelt! ! agonizing and passionate and tragic... Your lines resonate painfully and for that I salute you... These lines made me remember an instance from Garcia Marquez's 'Love in the Time of Cholera' where Fermina Daza shouts at her husband, Dr. Urbino, in desperation and tells him ''You don't understand how unhappy I am'' to which he replies, unperturbed, ''Always remember that the most important thing in a good marriage is not happiness, but stability.'

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Roland Bastien 06 July 2009

Good emtion- the women lot is frankly expressed - I do feel your pain with compassion -

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ata khan 01 July 2009

Thanks for writing this one. Sad, but beautiful. Thanks for sharing 10+

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Kesav Easwaran 29 June 2009

love unshared...i like the depth of secret sorrows you bring in very eloquently in this write...thanks Wardha...10

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Anjali Sinha 24 June 2009

you opened my eyes for I loved a stranger -10 nice write anjali

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Ashraful Musaddeq 24 June 2009

'you sleep next to me every night yet you've never heard me weep.. you lie with me in the warmth of my bed yet you've never felt the heat..' Excellent write, very touching - 10+++

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