When Doubts Condems Poem by Bill Cantrell

When Doubts Condems

Rating: 5.0

I have diligently gathered all of my poems
and I have weighed them for what they are worth
What was thought as gold, now I clearly see,
In the moment of test, they abandoned me

My inkwell was an illusion, a cistern where stagnant waters seeped
My cupbearer mixed cloves and honey with ink
my pen was fooled and so was I,
paper pure with pulp, from rice hung out to dry

I have chased the poem of all my dreams,
though corridors of endless turns
At the end of the day, the ones that stay,
we're to friends I met along the way

Now I shred my poetry, with not one regret,
only to toss its remains into a kindred soul
‘‘tis there my pen will choose to drink
and hopefully, they choose to set me free

For the perfect poem has been my quest,
I have left all others as tumbleweeds
And now it occurs to me,
the perfect poem, will never be

Sun to set, sun to rise,
It is not the page or refined ink
A new day starts, new lessons learned,
poetry must forever burn

And so we stay warm

When Doubts Condems
Poetic Sky 05 June 2023

Niche poetry, I liked the theme, Full STARS **

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M. Asim Nehal 23 May 2023

We all have those moments when we feel inadequate. There is always that unbreakable dream. Excellent Poem, Bill.5****

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A beautiful poem that I think a lot of us could relate to. Stunning poetic expressions with great images.

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A very touching and poignant poem so beautifully expressed. There is always that moment that we feel we are inadequate. There is always that dream that never leave us. A dream that we could weave that poem we deeply loved and feel we have accomplished something. Yet, that dream is so elusive.

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Sandra Feldman 22 May 2023

That moment of glory you speak about and that rarely comes, is still waiting in you and will appear when you least believe it is near. For greatness is a miracle that could be locked, in even one sad tear. So don't give up, dear friend and poet, when the moment's right, you will know it!

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Bill Cantrell 22 May 2023

Thank you Sandra, a few years after I deleted all my poems, you were there with. Good advice..which I applied, thank you dear friend, you are a great poetess which I have always admired

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