When I Posted My First Lines... Poem by Yasmin Khan

When I Posted My First Lines...

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When I posted my first lines
Very unripe, just a few words,
Gleanings of thoughts some fresh
Some buried in yellowing pages
My fingers lingered, delayed
‘Who would read my words? ’
‘Oh, they aren't worth anyone’s attention’
But I kept on…inscribing, penning, posting
And asudden a note appeared, a footnote
That inspirited me, lit a candle in my seclusion
Kind words falling like gold dust, my pen
Was animated, thrilled
Those words still blink in my mind,
Resonating lilting sounds,
Kindle my thoughts and keep me going on
Now a cataract of favour, of comforting words
Falls in my space on PH and I bask in easement
That flows deep down into my soul

To all respectable and dear poet-friends on PH (PH= PoetryHunter)

Holy Qur'an,16: 125, tells us to invite the uncouth with rational and intelligent thoughts.Discussions are possible in a cool atmosphere.54: 17,22,32, and40 tell to read the Qur'an and think on it.12: 111 tells to those who think there is good lesson and it becomes a guide.Let the believer poets use their power to improve the social culture progressively to a peaceful level(Islam) .Insha Allah. May Allah teach his children to teach and get educated both materially and spiritually.May your words be blessed by Him. It is simple and nice.

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Somanathan Iyer 19 June 2013

Anything that is maiden will be surrounded by uncertainties well expressed feelings. I really enjoyed the write..

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Farah Ilyas 19 June 2013

First step always look hard to take, but once u took, more ways automatically opened for u, if u r courageous & pure by heart, as for as ur personality concern, u r outstanding poetess sister, thanks to share ur poetry...well expressed

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Tirupathi Chandrupatla 21 June 2013

Every line expresses a feeling of the heart. First line to the last line. Thank you.

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David Wood 22 June 2013

Straight from the heart. Keep your poems flowing Jasmeen, they are lovely

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Wahab Abdul 27 July 2013

woooooooooooo! this is yr wonderful poetry i did not notice earlier, i love it... great keep going...

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Heather Wilkins 17 July 2013

a beautiful poem Jasmeen. writing is a passion. we are born to write.

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Soulful Heart 08 July 2013

Put d experience so pleasantly..., . Cud feel as my own...nice

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Jenie Franksay 25 June 2013

i am feeling just as you depicted here in your poem. love this poem. thanks 4 sharing.

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Lasoaphia Quxazs 23 June 2013

It is lovely if someone can relate to our words, however I say we write because it is good to air our what is in our brain and I got to the point too, that I know only those people will read it, who has to learn something from these words. Remember like people attracts each other, to walk in life's road together and help each other. Your writing is just lovely, shows who you are, a very sensitive, lovely person.

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