! ! ! Wild Stream By The Eternity! ! ! Poem by Dr subhendu kar

! ! ! Wild Stream By The Eternity! ! !

Rating: 4.6

Rune of passion when holds the mystery
sympathy never dries empty by the reeks
eloquence of love parades across the bliss
the reason never seems to falter by the belief

trust still reels through the hidden dream
gleaming the pearl of blue emblazoned
walks follows the path true by repentance
enlightened by warmth as leaf rejoices in green

silence yet blazes the mystery of love in hide
moon still whispers the heart by the grin deep
hope mingles into the blue when emancipated
world wordless smiles faster by the redemption

yet the hours of the dark and light as all we need
clouds smacks of rain as the path of deliverance
love yet never follows foot prints of narrow endings
desire meanders into the wild streams by the eternity


Well... at the risk of plagiarism, I say the work was thought out with a great deal of eloquence. And if narrow endings are anything to go by, I'm hooked! Leave it at that, Doc!

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Alexander Hale 05 October 2008

'Trust still reels through the hidden dream'. Amazing. I'm jealous, your writing is breathtaking. This poem is way more than a 10.

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Nimal Dunuhinga 05 October 2008

This seems to be your Masterpiece Doctor and the wild stream flows ever like the warm blood in veins. 'Sympathy never dries empty by the reeks.'

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Moushumi moushumi 03 October 2008

A streaming sensation i feel when i read yours. How could you be so artistic in using words? sometimes i feel jealous of ur ability. This poem we can call it a true piece of 'magical realism'. I request u to read GARCIA MARQUEZ. Then i could share some treasure about that.

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Heather Barrett 02 October 2008

Thats a great poem i would love for you to read some of my entry and give me some pointers you have done a really great job i give you a 10

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Bharati Nayak 25 November 2015

Love that Wild Stream By The Eternity- - - Love is eternal____Love never follows foot prints of narrow endings.It is unselfish- -It fills the heart with unending hope and bliss.Thanks for sharing the wonderful piece of poem.

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Clarence Prince 17 July 2015

Silence mystery, love, redemption, emancipated, deliverance, and eternity! Those are all glorious words of hope, into this poem, along with others! Well done, Dr Subhendu!

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Michelle Kafka 15 August 2009

A deep moving poem with excellent word choices. Thanks for sharing.

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Dr Hitesh Sheth 14 November 2008

Wild sream of eternity, consisting of joy and serenity, Full of alluring charm, carries the world in it's arm. Hit

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Cecil Hickman 26 October 2008

beautifully written with depth of feelings and emotions very well penned, , graet write in poetry, , , blessings...Cecil

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Dr subhendu kar

Dr subhendu kar

Bhubaneswar, Odissa, India
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