Will You? Poem by ANJALI SINHA

Will You?

Rating: 4.9

The rising sun has yet to glow
In his resplendent glory,
The moon has not even begun her descent
But I’m here on the shore,
Thinking about you,
Coz its only you
That I can think of.

Through all the sorrows and pain
You will be by my side,
You said --You will be true-
That’s a promise you said,
Till the sun loses his lustre
and the moon her glow.

Do you know how much I love you,
You will never understand,
Ill be there till eternity,

Will you?

14th July 2008

Nikunj Sharma 27 June 2009

Sweeping flow....gud use of words and nice relativities...1000 ++++ marks

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Hazem Al Jaber 30 June 2009

amazed me.. your lovely way in choosing your words gives you an especial way to write your feelings as well and to open it so lovely.. you have your way and you can dive and swim through your feelings.. so beautiful my dear sweet great poet.. hazem al..

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Reetessh Sabrr 03 July 2009

wonderful is a word that fells short to praise ur poetry... 10 to the power millions hearts

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Lacie Wasserman 07 July 2009

I love it. It reminds me of alot of things....Good Job!

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Siddharth Singh 23 July 2009

Yes, you know i will. only 10 and nothing else.

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I have added this poem to my list of poems!

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So what if I commented before. A question and poem like this cannot be answered or commented on in one try. It reads even better during the second helping. Well done Anjali.

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Amrit Rathi 23 May 2010

Sweet and beautiful poem soaked in tender feelings of love. I wonder how you put that intensity in such a small piece! 10+

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Dr. Ratan Bhattacharjee 30 January 2010

U write beautiful love poems and this is one of those poems which may make anyone believe that u hv written the poem for him... like the Buddha statue of Ajanta and Ellora which looks at everyone who gazes at it from any side... lovely poem really. U excel in writing love poems... Sure. not a word extra. believe me.

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Loaded with love that leaps over ever limitation into the limitless light of the sun and moon. Well done my friend 10+

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