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With Faith And Hope

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The tears fall, but no one's there to heed them,
The heart it mourns, but no one sees the hurt.
An emptiness has seeped into the brainstem,
One's feeling dazed, and no longer alert.

Such desolation haunts one's whole persona,
What can one do, and just where can one go,
You feel as if you've now become a loner,
How droplets, when they're prompted, freely flow.

To cry can be a painful kind of action,
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Frank James Ryan Jr...fjr 14 November 2006

Poetess E>>>You are spot-on with your analogy in this gemstone of a work... TIME does heal & FAITH speeds up th' process.....You have th' support of a beautiful family, wonderful friends, and of course all we crazies, here on Site... This eloquent piece of verse says it all...And your panacea to pecce and th' fruits of life to be enjoyed again, are around th' corner, young lady & loyal friend in true. Frank

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Debora Short 14 November 2006

Dear Ernestine, My heart goes out to you in your profound loss of dear husband. I send you a spiritual hugs and prayers for your soul's peace! Love, Debora

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Adeeb Alfateh 12 June 2019

Only time will ease such utter sorrow, That comes from losing someone Oh, so dear, But with the dawning of each new tomorrow, With faith and hope you'll find a panacea. superb writings great 10+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

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Tailor Bell 24 November 2006

i read this work straight from the heart...and must say that it helps all of us, dear Ernestine. thank you for sharing this poignant verse. -Tailor

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Duncan Wyllie 15 November 2006

I think that Sometimes poetry is the only way to express certain feelings, our most individual case can be closer reached by poetry It seems to harness and express matters that over writtings may not be so easily capable of I feel for you at the moment Ernestine, and send my love to both you and your family Love duncan X

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Alison Cassidy 15 November 2006

Some of the world's most eloquent poetry has come during times of grief and loss. You demonstrate this unequivocally Ernestine, with this honest reflection of sorrow and unswerving optimism. Thinking of you. love, Allie xxxxxxxxxx

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Ben Paynter 14 November 2006

dearest ernestine, im so sorry to hear about your loss, i hope in time your rainy days have rainbows, and either way im always here for you, a beautiful poem. ben

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