You And Me Poem by Ernestine Northover

You And Me

Rating: 4.7

My universe, that's what you are,
My morning sun and my evening star,
The reason for every step I take,
And help with every move I make,
Your voice a comfort to my ears,
With arms to protect me from my fears,
I'm constantly surrounded by your love,
You cohere to me, like a tight fitting glove,
Without you, I would a 'no one' be,
For I am you, and you are me!

© Ernestine Northover

Nickoli Rominofsky 31 January 2006

I treasure the time, I spend reading your words. Nickoli

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Linda Jenkinson 29 October 2005

delightfully easy to read ernestine...and very happy...well done...linda

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Mary Nagy 29 October 2005

This is so tender Ernestine! Very sweet. Sincerely, Mary

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Ivy Christou 04 November 2005

ahh.. so sweet and lovely.. Excellent! HBH

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Shannon Wright 19 January 2008

A joy to read. -shannon

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Catastrophe King 29 August 2006

This is just the right poem for the heart in love... this is simply beautiful. I was getting tired of some very regular styled poems on love.. this comes as a breath of fresh air.

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Melvina Germain 29 August 2006

Absolutely beautiful Ernestine, a pleasure to read----Melvina

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Esther Leclerc 21 March 2006

A lovely poem for your love, dear Ernestine. With love to you and yours, Esther

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Duncan Wyllie 18 February 2006

And we are all wrapped up now in your warmth.Love Duncan

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