Woman To Man Poem by Judith Wright

Woman To Man

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The eyeless labourer in the night,
the selfless, shapeless seed I hold,
builds for its resurrection day---
silent and swift and deep from sight
foresees the unimagined light.

This is no child with a child's face;
this has no name to name it by;
yet you and I have known it well.
This is our hunter and our chase,
the third who lay in our embrace.

This is the strength that your arm knows,
the arc of flesh that is my breast,
the precise crystals of our eyes.
This is the blood's wild tree that grows
the intricate and folded rose.

This is the maker and the made;
this is the question and reply;
the blind head butting at the dark,
the blaze of light along the blade.
Oh hold me, for I am afraid.

Ray Schreiber 04 July 2013

In this poem, as in many of her others, Judith Wright praises that which physically exists while sharing the greater reality that lives behind the curtain she pulls aside for us.

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Gajanand Vyas 30 December 2017

the tremors of uncertainty experienced at the the time of pregnancy of a child is beautifully and minutely exhibited in the poem. it focuses on the relationship of man and woman especially when they come to have a child. i think that the metaphor of uncertainty runs throughout the poem. and the last line oh, hold me i am afraid again indicates this uncertainty.

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Charity Nduhiu 02 September 2015

Oh hold me, for I am afraid. I have liked this woman to man poem. Keep up Judith

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June Marion Fox 24 April 2019

One of the greatest poems in the English language.

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Glen Kappy 22 January 2020

i logged into ph specifically to be able to comment on this poem. there are too many good images to list here in a short space, besides the combined dignity and intimacy with which wright describes the coming together that results in " the intricate and folded rose." very cool! -gk

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Dr Dillip K Swain 22 January 2022

Loved the lucidity of expression, great flow! I liked your expression, 'This is the maker and the made; this is the question and reply'. Great ink!

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Sylvia Frances Chan 22 January 2022

Wonderful poem titled Woman To Man with its concluding line 'Oh hold me, for I am afraid' Sweetestly said. I have enjoyed this Modern Poem Of The Day by the famous Australian poetess Judith Wright

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janyia 10 November 2021

i love your poems

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Mahtab Bangalee 22 January 2020

light there in the dark inn of body; woman to man seeks the path of life; woman to man seeks the peace, pleasure, happiness by surrendering all; but there lies the great difficulties on the middle bridge of path, there sorrow and thorns of life stings very much the sense of light; there everything is devastated by the unknown desired activities, there broken mirror glass shows the illusion of life cannot make the two in one, there two path makes ready to go two sides of life//

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Lyn Paul 22 January 2020

A beautiful poem by the late Judith Wright.

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Judith Wright

Judith Wright

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