Wonderfully Fat

Rating: 3.2

It was wonderfully fat,
squashy to the touch.
I liked the feeling very much
as I held it softly in my heart
and felt the lifeforce throb
and beat.

Omnipresent, a delight,
a rhapsody of all that's right.

A comfort blanket, white and clean,
I'd poke it with my finger
and luxuriate in its heat.
I'd linger, feel the glow upon my skin
and hold the heavenly joy within.

Like candyfloss and cashmere sweaters
there was a softness
sensually unfettered
that tickled and stroked my soul
and my very being

........until that day when sadness came.........

The end of a beautiful love affair...
Alison Cassidy 02 February 2008

What a perfect metaphor for love - the comfort blanket - the first attachment, beyond the mother's breast. I remember mine was an old vyella nightie that 'smelled' of love. I can still remember that smell as I sucked my finger in blissful rhapsody. I guess your poem reveals the inevitability of change: the reality of impermanence: and just how much it hurts. The last line says so much... love, Allie ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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Lynda Robson 14 January 2008

Try to look forward, and think positive, a very thought-provoking poem that shows your sadness, love Lynda xx

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Meggie Gultiano 13 January 2008

Well Fran, life must go on.. and focus on the good things that will come.Thanks for this wonderful sharing, , , a nice message you have here, and i enjoy reading this.. Love, Meggie

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Seema Aarella 07 January 2008

What goes around comes around, When happy, Discover the world, when sad discover ur self. Each emotions has there own role to play, in sculpting our way! ! !

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David Harris 07 January 2008

Fran, don't fret, just enjoy everything you have and count your blessings for all the friends you have. No need to feel sad about that nor the fact that they are there for you no matter what the circumstances may be. Love and Hugs David

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Fiona Davidson 22 May 2009

Lovely write Francesca...10+++++

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Sid John Gardner. 21 May 2009

A sensual loving poem Fran...Great imagery. Sid xxx

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Cecil (cj) Krieger 15 March 2009

Ahh Fran... this one is gentle to the touch!

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Ivor Hogg 29 October 2008

A subtle piece of writing. We all need a comfort blanket but must be prepared for the day we have to grow up and manage without it

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Bob Blackwell 22 March 2008

Dear Fran this is a wonderful poem, I can see your smile as you wrote it. Sadness is only in the mind, so smile again. Love Bob xx

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