Worry Poem by Cigeng Zhang


I worry the clouds are parting
My eyes are getting lonesome

I worry the wind is roaring
The rainy season won't come

I worry no mandarin duck paddling
The river is frozen

I worry the dark night is coming
The cherries on the tree be stolen

I worry the journey has no ending
I couldn't get to my destination

I worry you forget me you're leaving
One day my heart is broken

Too many worries, worrying
Let me lie down for sleeping

Stay away from worries without thinking
But I worry my legs cramp in my dream

Thursday, September 4, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: love and pain
Omar Eldamsheety 05 September 2014

Wonderful poem... well done but don't worry.

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Cigeng Zhang 29 September 2014

Thank you Tyrone for your sharing and kind comment

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Terry Craddock 22 January 2017

worry is a child of uncertainty, an overactive mind and imagination, a reluctance to make choices, fearing unfavourable outcomes, but decisions must be made, make decision with bold faith, sweep o leave the path of fallen leaves, in due season leaves must fall

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M Asim Nehal 02 January 2017

Made me worried too..so many things to ponder and worry on yet in all worries I see some movement, and this is positive sign.

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Cris Ben 19 May 2016

hahaha it is a funny poem for me because i see myself here... i am also the kind of person to worry about a lot of things even the slightes ones...

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Akhtar Jawad 15 October 2014

An interesting and impressive poem, the worry and the reason of worry has beautifully described.

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Bri Edwards 02 October 2014

great poem. well, maybe not great, but i like it quite a bit. I worry the journey is no ending.....i suggest not ending or has no ending, BUT DON'T WORRY, you can be a good person and still make a little mistake. i even make mistakes! ! ! i can't find anything else/more wrong with this poem; i DID look and look. i took a trip by plane and rental car recently and worried (a tiny bit) about making it onto the planes on time and getting the rental car back in one piece. all went pretty well. the rental car company said two pieces was acceptable! you carry the theme of the poem through to the bitter ending; you can't even get a good night's sleep! poor girl! i'll even send this to MyPoemList. bri :) i saw you were online on PH now. it has been a long time since we first communicated. i hope all is well.

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