Y/ The Golden Key (Sonnet) Poem by Aufie Zophy

Y/ The Golden Key (Sonnet)

Rating: 3.9

One day, I will melt all the gold on earth
And make a wonderful key with it all
This special key of incredible worth
Will fit well to unlock your heart and soul
The remote buttons will work like a smile
Like a lawine of sweet and loving words
I will turn the knob with a lot of style
And happy thoughts will fly to you as birds
A simple spin of the sweet golden key
Just like a wonder, magic fun and true
Will cause, for everyone to hear and see
A wave of peace and happiness in you
Let's dream of a universe filled with love
And all may get a key from High Above

By Aufie Zophy
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

**Feel free to use this poem for non commercial purposes.
Just always mention the poets name

I was so impressed with a sonnet written by Valerie Dohren,
that I wanted to attempt one myself

I hope you enjoy the poem.


PS: Soul, the gold in the poem is used as a metaphor only.
Unwritten Soul 10 February 2013

A beautiful and soothing write, a fair and good tribute as it inspired by Valerie...If golden melt to fit in heart and if it reached me i will say NO dont fill my heart with shining gold, fill me with your bless, happy and love..To anyone we knows we all need this because gold cant but honesty but always invite enemy_Soul

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Nasarudheen Parameswaran 10 February 2013

A wonderful sonnet for a love guided world.

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Yasmin Khan 05 March 2013

If you successfully make the key, let it be available for everyone. We all need this golden key to spread universal love.

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Spiritual Seeker 13 February 2013

I love reading Valerie's sonnet, but then yours is also beautiful. I've yet to learn it...but just like the calm torquise sea of Mauritius, step by step. A big 10 for the sonnet. Mauritius is great for poetry...already i have uploaded 1. See you friend in mid march....

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Joseph Anderson 12 February 2013

You picked a great tutor in Valerie and have done a very commendable job. Uplifting and inspirational, well formed and readable. I also love sonnets. Check my Why I Must Write please

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Chandra Thiagarajan 11 February 2013

This swell Sonnet is a sublime poem of great love.

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Valerie Dohren 11 February 2013

Great sonnet Hans - hope you manage to make that key for a better world full of love.

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