You Don'T Scare Me Satan Poem by Melvina Germain

You Don'T Scare Me Satan

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You don't scare me Satan, I know your strong and powerful too.
I know wherever God is, you will also be there to try and claim what is not yours. I know you are a taker and not a giver, an evil power that will not prevail. You are the darkness that spy's deep in the night, the evil that showers the weak and can't break the strong.
You will not penetrate the Holy spirit that lives within me. You may make me suffer and cry in the night, but I call out only to God and his son Jesus, you will never hear me call your name.

You stood in the way when I took my little one to church, you hurt my lungs and gave me days of excruciating pain, but I still called out to God in Jesus name. You took away the use of my vehicles and thought
that would stop me in my tracks, but I said oh no you don't Satan, I'll just call me a cab. Now you try to take my youngest son, but Satan the day is not done. I'll cry to the Lord and his son Jesus and give all my worries and pain to him, I'll trust only in God and leave you in your dark hole, for I will not allow you to penetrate my soul.

I love only God for he will not forsake me, He gave his only son so that I could truly see. A God as good as this deserves what I have to give and that is everyday worship and thanks for all His gifts.
So find your way out Satan, you have no place here, for good and love you will never share.

My Father in Heaven and His precious son Jesus, are the only one's I trust and know will never leave us. So thankyou to God for his precious little lamb and thankyou to Jesus for the power of his love. I'll worship them always through my life, through sickness and health, through hardship and pain, through suffering and healing, I'll love them all the same.

Written by: Melvina Germain


Satan is powerfully strong, and all too ept...problem for that just like we...his time here is limited....and all we need to do is make sure that when he is ultimately dispowered, and banished..that we are on the right side of the know the side with the Golden arches. but that don't say Mac Donalds. Excellent work, Melvina! ~ FjR ~ ..2008..

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Melvin Banggollay 10 March 2008

Indeed, satan is everywhere but never he can take the faithful ever for he can never ever enter the soul of every Jesus Christ's Believer As our deep Faith shields us forever. thanks and best wishes, melvin

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David Harris 10 March 2008

Mel, Satan, may be powerful, but the Lord is more powerful than he and those who believe in the Lord will always be free of his touch. God always walk with you my friend. You know that in your heart. Thank you for sharing this my friend. David

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Ernestine Northover 10 March 2008

Your prayers will not go unanswered Melvina, I know that. A wonderfully expressed piece of praise to God and renouncement of the Devil. Very well penned. Gods blessings. Love and hugs Ernestine XXX

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Andrew mark Wilkinson 10 March 2008

My Dear Mel, I don't think you have anything to fear, you and my dear friend meggie are modern day Angels, always there with love and understanding for your friends, it's the devil who is afraid of you... Andy xx 10

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Meggie Gultiano 10 March 2008

We have to cast out our enemy everyday.They are not happy if we call on are right, Melvina..ask for guidance from the Holy Spirit..

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Lost in this world 10 March 2008

Hey Melvina i want to thank you for this poem that means alot to me you brought light in to my life ur a good person and you care about me i dk why but all i know that shows ur a really good person plz keep on wrieting and help more ppl ur the BEST *hug*

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Melvina Germain

Melvina Germain

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