You Got Me Poem by Steven Pimentel

You Got Me

Rating: 5.0

listen girl...

i know you got this game onlock
& i know you can change me..
but if i fall in love please don't blame me..

ill leave my guard down
& now you can aim free..

your aim should be my heart
because when i see you it get weak..

are you with me
or your playing?

ain't messing with no girl that don't think what she saying..

loveyou baby!

Omar Ibrahim 25 July 2009

i see most of your poems are talking about this subject....but i enjoid them all...i really spent a good time while reading your poetry! ! ! now let your mother read your poems and she will understand you more and more! and please read my 7 poems and tell me your opinion! thank you very much my friend.

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Vinod Kumar 16 July 2009

The real message of a real heart, go ahead and don`t bother or fear about the result you will reach the destination good luck keep writing 10++

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Catrina Heart 15 July 2009

A fancy love poem written...nice one...THanks! ! !

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Lola Hi 12 July 2009

i like this poem and i think that i could make a secnd part to it soon.can i try?

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Melanie Guerrero 11 July 2009

: ] YESS! ! Had to it! Dam && u JSt Randomly did this dats a great poet lol

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