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Morning Sun

The morning sun is smiling at

Me through the window blinds,

It's so sweet and warm

Just like the body of my beloved one.

I should be up and about before I see the sun,

I compete with the sun

Who will get up early

To beat the other one.

I am tempted to turn around

And to stay in bed a little longer,

To enjoy the warmth of the morning sun

Warming my body

A little longer this time.

But the Siuli flowers would wither away

If not picked right in time.

I need to get up before the sun shines.

I hear in my silent heart, wake up, wake up

My angel is already there, looking for me -

Together we are supposed to be there,

Picking the white flowers from the ground under the tree.

Am I dreaming now? half awake, half sleep

Captain of the synchronised

Swimming team must be looking at his watch,

I am late one more time.

Back in my garden now, after swimming

Fresh Sea breeze and a glorious morning,

I look at the slugs,  snails, bees in busy lizzy

Fragrance of violet Wisteria and the others,

All looking at me, trying to show their colours and beauty,

I stare at them only to see the angelic face of my childhood dream!

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Ratan Ghosh Popularity

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