Rita Dove

Rita Dove Poems

1. Trans— 6/23/2015
2. Reverie In Open Air 10/12/2013
3. Banneker 10/11/2013
4. Borderline Mambo 2/22/2014
5. Taking In Wash 3/18/2015
6. The Cane Fields 10/11/2013
7. November For Beginners 10/11/2013
8. Testimonial 10/12/2013
9. The Great Palaces Of Versailles 10/21/2013
10. Straw Hat 2/22/2014
11. Wingfoot Lake 10/21/2013
12. Ludwig Von Beethoven's Return To Vienna 2/22/2014
13. Dusting 10/11/2013
14. Lines Composed On The Body Politic 10/11/2013
15. Wiring Home 10/21/2013
16. Vacation 10/21/2013
17. The Secret Garden 10/21/2013
18. Fifth Grade Autobiography 10/11/2013
19. Shirt Sleeved 2/22/2014
20. Golden Oldie 10/11/2013
21. Chocolate 2/6/2015
22. "Teach Us To Number Our Days&Quot; 10/11/2013
23. My Father Enters The Work Force 10/21/2013
24. Canary 10/11/2013
25. Adolescence I 2/22/2014
26. Cozy Apologia 10/11/2013
27. "I Have Been A Stranger In A Strange Land&Quot; 10/11/2013
28. Heart To Heart 10/11/2013
29. Flirtation 10/11/2013
30. Lady Freedom Among Us 10/21/2013
31. Exit 10/11/2013
Best Poem of Rita Dove


Just when hope withers, the visa is granted.
The door opens to a street like in the movies,
clean of people, of cats; except it is your street
you are leaving. A visa has been granted,
'provisionally'-a fretful word.
The windows you have closed behind
you are turning pink, doing what they do
every dawn. Here it's gray. The door
to the taxicab waits. This suitcase,
the saddest object in the world.
Well, the world's open. And now through
the windshield the sky begins to blush
as you did when your mother told you
what it took to be a woman in ...

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Golden Oldie

I made it home early, only to get
stalled in the driveway-swaying
at the wheel like a blind pianist caught in a tune
meant for more than two hands playing.
The words were easy, crooned
by a young girl dying to feel alive, to discover
a pain majestic enough
to live by. I turned the air conditioning off,
leaned back to float on a film of sweat,

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