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Sandra Feldman Poems

1. Your Image 4/15/2013
2. Mirage 4/21/2013
3. Past Feelings 5/30/2013
4. Present, Past & Future 6/24/2013
5. End Of Take# 1 6/17/2013
6. Learning 8/25/2013
7. The Poet's Treasure 8/25/2013
8. Mr. Dictator 9/3/2013
9. Life's Mystery 9/22/2013
10. Molten Metals Blend 9/22/2013
11. Poli-Tics 9/23/2013
12. Magic 10/9/2013
13. What Is Poetry 10/9/2013
14. Eternal Love 10/5/2013
15. Always, Together 10/17/2013
16. Piano Concertos 10/20/2013
17. Poems Are 10/14/2013
18. Happiness 10/28/2013
19. Fraternity Be 11/1/2013
20. Reborn 11/1/2013
21. I Must Confess 11/10/2013
22. Poet-Artist, Magic-Pen 11/12/2013
23. Time 11/19/2013
24. Sentimental Feelings 12/7/2013
25. Victory 12/8/2013
26. Sick And Tired 12/10/2013
27. The Love Effect 12/15/2013
28. Life 12/22/2013
29. A Time Problem 12/29/2013
30. Of Poets 1/5/2014
31. Liberty And Love 1/7/2014
32. Please, Recite After Me 1/7/2014
33. Love Saves 1/8/2014
34. Why We Love, Poetry 1/8/2014
35. Mystery, Poetry 1/9/2014
36. What Do We Want? 1/11/2014
37. Socialism 1/13/2014
38. Writing To Writers 1/11/2014
39. Enigma, Our Future? 1/12/2014
40. Surprise (You May Want To Know) 1/14/2014

Comments about Sandra Feldman

  • Fabrizio Frosini Fabrizio Frosini (12/20/2017 10:34:00 AM)

    Have you had the PDF copy of the 2 Anthologies? :
    - Fifty-six Female Voices of Poetry [paperback edition + ebook]
    - The Sounds of America [paperback edition + ebook]
    You have your poetry in both collections :)

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    0 person did not like.
  • Lorraine Margueritte Gasrel Black (11/11/2017 10:20:00 AM)

    You take the ordinary and make it extraordinary..Wonderful delightful poetry.You are a true Poet! ...

  • Rebecca Navarre Rebecca Navarre (8/13/2017 12:42:00 PM)

    Inside This Beautiful Heart, Lays A Beautifully
    Radiant Light, That Shines Each Day! ! ! ! !

  • Seamus O' Brian Seamus O' Brian (7/11/2017 11:22:00 AM)

    My dear poet,
    I think I love the collaboration of writing as much as I love to write, and I have found a treasure here on this site, of hearts like yours who share a love of language and the power of the word. I love to attempt to encourage without flattery, to share the beauty of our joined pursuit of art without dissembling or criticizing. I wish I had more time to read and respond to all of the labors of love that this site features, but please be assured that your work which I have so far encountered has blessed my soul. You write from the heart (as most of us think we do) , but your transparency and poetic construction breathe with an honesty and clarity that is refreshing.

    All the best!

  • Alyssa Artslover (6/9/2017 2:36:00 AM)

    Lonely Moon was the first poem i read by her and i felt i need to read more.I didn't get disappointed.Her works are usually very thought and meaningful, deep and long reaching pieces of art, even if some of them are short but yet full of emotions in a greatly expressed way.

    Keep writing Sandra Feldman!

  • Robert Murray Smith Robert Murray Smith (5/5/2017 8:00:00 PM)

    Sandra is a poetess who can tap into her innermost emotions, and send them out in beautiful poetry. A lioness of the poetry world.

    Robert Murray Smith

  • Rahma Menshawey (nyx C Styx) Rahma Menshawey (nyx C Styx) (11/23/2016 11:50:00 AM)

    Few can command with words the power you convey through the simplest syllables. A great honor is done to the eyes that fall upon your work. Keep sharing with us the kingdom of your thoughts and rhyme.

  • Susan Williams Susan Williams (8/3/2016 5:07:00 PM)

    Sandra Feldman- - - -You are indeed a divine poet as well as a divine human being. Your poetry is wallow-in-the-words gorgeous! Poem by poem your poems keep deepening, strengthening, and the scope of your images keep widening. We read your works and feel like we just got touched by the angel wing of beauty and talent.
    We hear your heart through your words, my dear poet. And talking about Words, you should write a dictionary, Sandra! You show the depth and breadth of words, you send them soaring and you bring them in for a landing. Poem after poem, I think to myself, There you go again, using words in ways nobody thought of using them before.
    ....I love the way your poetry is fueled by your enthusiasm, your humane belief system, and your poetic skill set! Your poems never falter in mid-stride, they drive on to the finish line. Sandra, the world is in need of more sweet but fiery souls like yours. Sweet fire- -sounds like a contradiction in terms but it describes you so well.
    Sandra, you serve a delicious and complex symphony of poetry here on PH for which we thank you.
    .....And may you, sweet bird, sing your soul forever and a day.

  • Pamela Sinicrope Pamela Sinicrope (1/18/2016 8:59:00 PM)

    A small poetic dose of joy
    With a click of my mouse
    I think, laugh, and enjoy...
    At Sandra Feldman's 'house!

  • Kumarmani Mahakul Kumarmani Mahakul (1/1/2016 3:52:00 PM)

    Sandra Feldman is an excellent and multi-talented world-class poetess who has broad visions for literary and educational world. Her hopes and attitudes shine through her sincere thoughts and efforts of mind. Her contribution to the betterment of all creatures of the world is definitely noteworthy. Humble appearance of her defines about beauty and art of literature by her touch of pure perception. Peace becomes her nice essence in her most of creations. Her expressions do not restrict to a particular field. She writes poems not only about nature and life but also she touches every corner of literature through her positive and pure mind. I have gone through many of her poems and I find them very much philosophical and beneficial for society. She is definitely a gem of diamond of dazzling literary sky of the world. I wish her all the best for her unlimited efforts she gifts to the literary community and I hope she ever shines with devotional attitudes towards God. May God bring lots of happiness for her and her family. May many fragrant flowers bloom in her way of walking.

Best Poem of Sandra Feldman

Lonely Moon

The Moon will shine,
Without your smile,
But no longer shall it be,
A Moon that shines for me,
Gone are the days,
When you'd just stay,
So close, smiling at me.

The Moon is cold,
So I am told,
And winter's here for me,
When love is gone,
There is no Sun,
The Moon is all I see.

Oh lonely Moon, my lonely Moon,
Poor orphan in the sky,
Detached from mother Earth,
Your barren surface has no life,
No hope, no love, no mirth.

Oh Moon alone,
Made out of stone,
Rotating in the sky,
A phantom ship,
No life ...

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Miami has a pickle smell,
A smell that tells you all is well,
You enter in a restaurant,
And eat and eat all that you want.

And there is herring too, you know,
So white that it resembles snow,
'Light Bagels' with some cream and lox,
That even would please Mr. Fox.

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