Silently She Cries Poem by sania harris

Silently She Cries

Rating: 4.7

She sat near the white roses
Petals fallen on her hair
Tied in golden locks
Agitated by the air

A pen in her hand
A note pad on her lap
Note pad filled with scribbles
Only it knew her secrets

She looked far away in a gaze
Her small mind in a dream
She craved him to return from the soil
To embrace her again

Her grief no one knew
To her it was nothing new
Her blue eyes wait to close
Slowly she mourns to breath

She eagerly waits to die
Only the paper hears her cry

Talia Torres 07 October 2008

exceptionally donee I am inspired by your work; keep it up

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George Dumbarton 07 October 2008

A great poem indeed but it makes someone feel bitter inside his /her heart because of its emotional attachment. You can also read mine entitled ' ln Memory Of My Mother '

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Enoch John 06 October 2008

Quite an emotional upheaval, I imagine.This poem sounds real.

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Anthony Dover 06 October 2008

again full of insight and emotion and surprises-liked it Anthony

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Roger Naya 30 September 2008

amazing poem, you are begining to impress me

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Ben Gieske 26 November 2008

Well done with beautiful images and attention to details. One can easily imagine the scene. Sets up an appropriate mood.

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Keith Williams 14 October 2008

beautifully written sania great work

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Sapher Yra 11 October 2008

this is another great poem. i really like you work

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Hana K 09 October 2008

i agree with Wilson Walkden-Brown the story speaks clearly and it sees so real it's sad

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Some Poems 08 October 2008

I love the idea of the poem, the plot or story so to speak. Poems are often wishy washy (like mine HAHA) you got straight to the point with this one and i loved it.10

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