A Place Called Home Poem by sania harris

A Place Called Home

Rating: 4.9

Today, I visited a place
A place they called home
No spot of deface
It was perfect in this loam

A lady called mother
Embraced me with love
I would clasp no other
Than the one mentioned above

Then a tall, lovely girl
Welcomed me with a luster
She looked more beautiful than a pearl
And I think they called her sister

I saw more and more faces
My eyes filled with awe
I’ve never seen like this a place
Scenic than an artist could even draw

This place called home
Was different from other
No words of it can touch a tome
It was wonderful, it had a mother

OCTOBER 29,2008

Alexander Steen Stewart 08 November 2008

Truely this is a beautiful poem i was honestly touched by the emotion as i read :) good work

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Rajaram Ramachandran 04 November 2008

A high place given to a mother. A mother is the queen of the house.

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Macy Anne 04 November 2008

beautiful enough said =]

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&&angel4ever && 04 November 2008

Its warm peaceful feeling u get after reading this poem keep going lady

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Adeline Foster 27 July 2011

A perfect portrayal of a place worthy to call home. Adeline

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Sadiqullah Khan 23 January 2009

Home sweet home.It is said. Talented write 10

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Rita Hawkins 26 December 2008

Another great writing.

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Adedolapo Olisa 19 November 2008

With the age on your side, sky is your foundation

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Sulaiman Mohd Yusof 12 November 2008

Home is palace and mother is Queen.........so majestic, for anyone to refuse.good writes Nia.

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